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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 273 reviews
    Super socks

    When I found your site I was excited. When I received the socks and started wearing them I was thrilled. I’ve bought so many different “expensive” brands and had to donate them after one wearing because of how they cut into my legs. I bought 9 pairs last year and just bought another 9 pairs this year. I love your product, your site, and how you’ve taken care of me as a customer.

    I'm so glad you love these socks! It makes a difference in your whole day when your socks feel good doesn't it? :)

    The best socks

    I have fat ankles and socks are always a problem but my daughter has skinny ankles with no fat and all of the socks out there are too tight even on her. These socks are pretty, good quality and lightweight and easy to pull on and not tight. Perfect.

    I'm so glad you and your daughter like them :)

    David Motley
    My wife likes everything about them

    Bought these for my wife and they are great. Comfortable and cool looking. Best we've found anywhere.

    I'm so glad she likes them :)

    Fonda Younger
    My Socks

    Really like the socks! I shared some with family members who like them as well. Soft with a feel-good on my feet!

    Thanks for your 5-star review, Fonda! We're pleased to hear that you and your family like the soft and comfortable feel of your Non Binding Socks in Climbing Rose.

    So comfortable

    These are so soft, not too thick, don't strangle my ankles, and they don't fall down--just what I needed. Thanks!

    Thanks for your 5-star review, C.C.! We're so happy to hear that your Non Binding Socks in Denim Polka Dots are providing you just the comfort you need.