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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Carole A
    Worth every penny

    I bought this rollator for a trip to Maine. Due to a severely arthritic hip, I can't walk more than about a mile without hiking poles. I wanted to hike longer distances and be able to go at a moderate to fast pace. This walker worked great- path was way up Downeast by the Quoddy Light. Gravel, dirt, sand, pebbles, giant roots, wooden walkways, etc. with an incline. This walker got me over 3 miles at a time. I also use it in my grassy 4-acre yard to walk around. This provides perfect stability for me; I lean on it heavily at times with no problem. It relieves the stress on my shoulders and hands when walking long distances, which was a problem with the hiking poles. I also use it to walk around town. The built in seat is useful for short rests. Since it is so light, I can easily pack it in and out of my car, either behind the front seats or in the trunk of my small SUV. The handlebars are very easy to raise and lower. Highly recommend.

    I'm so glad it worked out for you! That sounds like a great trip :)


    Worth every cent!

    I ordered this rollator/walker for a trip to Downeast Maine. Having been to the area before, I knew that there would be beautiful ocean view hiking trails, pebbled or dirt, with large roots and stumps. Also inclines. My arthritic hip has gotten worse recently, and I have been advised to get a hip replacement. Although I can walk about a mile with hiking poles, I knew that those hiking paths would be out of reach. So, after much online research, I ordered this rollator. It came within the promised 8 days from Denmark. (Thank you!!). I hiked paths from 2-3.5 miles with the aforementioned obstacles. The rubber tires are great, as is the seat when you need a short rest. I was concerned about the backwards handles; they were actually very comfortable. A couple people on the trails asked about this; I can walk fast with it. I am 5'6", 158 pounds, and it is the perfect size for me with the handles up to the 5th hole. Using this is less stressful on my arms/hands than the hiking poles. The design promotes correct upright posture while walking. It is very easy for me to lift into my car; it fit behind the seat as the trunk of my smallish SUV was filled with my sister's and my luggage for two weeks. I am excited that I will now be able to join my husband and German Shepherd pup on their nightly walks in the woods again, using this till I get the surgery.

    I'm so glad this walker made your trip fabulous!

    Doxie Mom
    Walk just got better

    If your core area, lower back, legs and toes are out of wack this is a big help.
    Thank you!

    Thanks for your 5-star review, Doxie! We're pleased that your Carbon Overland Rollator Walker has helped you back on your feet and on more walks.

    Alison Reidy-Bialobok
    More independence .

    I have had MS for 30 years. And used many walkers. I live on 2 1/2 acres of land and like to explore. This is the best Walker I have ever had. Definitely worth every penny.

    I'm am so glad you love the walker and it is making things easier for you :)

    Karen Roux
    Overland Rollator is Excellent Product!

    Excellent product for assisting safe walking. It is comfortable for my hands with the shape and direction of the hand grips. The arthritis in my hands is relieved. The large wheels give cushion to my steps. I can walk upright for better posture and less back and shoulder strain. The included bag is convenient and holds all I need, even my small purse. The swivel tires give agile movement and control. The brakes are convenient and easy to use. I love that the wires are enclosed in the frame, not hooking onto everything I walk past. At 5’4” the seat is a bit high but sufficient for rest stops. I did not care for the backrest and returned it only paying return postage. I would have chosen a more feminine color but am ok with the green. I enjoy giving word-of-mouth advertising to the several people who have complimented me on it’s style and inquired where to order one. The quick delivery from Denmark impressed me. I appreciate how narrow it folds to and it’s extremely lightweight handling. Even with my shoulder injury I can lift it behind the driver’s seat of my car and roll it in for independent travel. Nice work! Thanks!

    Thanks for your glowing 5-star review, Karen! We're thrilled to know you're enjoying the comfortability and functionality of your Carbon Overland Rollator Walker.