Sale Regular Red Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker with Backrest

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Sale Regular Red Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker with Backrest

Here is a regular size, red Carbon Ultralight that was returned. It is Brand New and was never taken out of the box! As a bonus, this walker comes with a backrest- an $89.99 value that normally has to be purchased separately. With this price, you get the backrest for free!

This is a great chance to get a discount on a walker that never goes on sale. 
But hurry! I only have one.

Mobility and Independence are some of the Most Important Things. You put a lot of thought into choosing and purchasing a car. You should put at least as much thought into choosing the device that supports your personal mobility. The Carbon Ultralight is my best selling folding walker with four wheels for a reason. It is amazing. 

Designed with inspiration from fast moving animals like dolphins and falcons and with further insight from sports car design. This inspiration formed the dynamic shapes found throughout the Carbon Ultralight. From the frame to forks holding the wheels, and the brake handles, the Carbon Ultralight provides a smooth, effortless and stylish ride. 

The Carbon Ultralight weighs less than 11 pounds. What does this mean? It is easy to push and maneuver and to fold and take with you. It is made of carbon fiber making it light and super strong. Carbon fiber is used to make race cars and airplanes so you know it is tough. 

The built in seat means you always have a place to rest. With easy to lock parking brakes for stability. Just push down on the brake handle to lock and squeeze to release when you're ready to go.
Handles that feel good and safe. They are turned of better posture and formed to allow you to use palms of your hands – not the fingers. The easy to apply brakes are right in reach for easy use. 
The Carbon Ultralight is available in 3 sizes for the perfect fit: Compact, Regular & Wide.  

A walker doesn't have to be ugly and utilitarian. When you use something every day, you want it to look good. The Carbon Ultralight has hidden brake cables. Why does this matter? In addition to adding to the sleek design, it means cables won't get caught on doorknobs and other things. It is a style and safety feature.  

Looking for more accessories like a back rest, cane holder, travel bag or more tote bags? Here they are! Carbon Ultralight Accessories. 

What Makes the Carbon Ultralight different:

It was designed with style and function in mind. It is gorgeous and so easy to use. They really thought of everything when designing this walker.

Why I like it

As an occupational therapist I know it is hard to accept when you need to use a walker. It is a change. When you have one you love, it is SO much better :)

Fun Fact! Did you know that almost 30% of Americans over 65 use a cane or walker?

Here are some of the specifics. 
  • Weight : Regular 10.6 pounds 
  • Seat Width : Regular 16.5 in  
  • Seat Height : Regular 24 in 
  • Width: Regular 24.6 in
  • Folded Width : Regular 9.8 in |
  • Handle Height : Regular 31.5-37.4 in for those 5'2' to 6'2"
  • Width Between Handles : Regular 15.3 in |
  • Wheel Diameter: 7.9 inches
  • Max User Weight: Regular 285 lbs 

 ** Please note that we can not offer Express Shipping on this item due to the size of the package.** 


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