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    Shipping details?

    Your order is shipped as soon as possible! Free Shipping on US Orders Over $50 - Flat $6.99 for those under $50 is through the US postal service and should arrive in 4-6 days. The pandemic has impacted shipping times and delivery time can not be guaranteed. If express shipping is needed, your order will be sent via Express Mail for $37.95. Please note that Express Mail is not available on all items as some are too big and heavy. 

    International shipping is available to Canada. Rated are calculated by weight and will be visible at checkout. The buyer is responsible for VAT, taxes, tariffs and only other fees that may be charged by your country. 


    At Ease Living, I want you to love your purchase! If you need to make a return, go to the return portal HERE to start the process. Unfortunately hygiene and incontinence products can not be returned.

    Do you take Medicare or Insurance?

    Ease Living is not contracted with and cannot bill Medicare or any health insurance provider. Many prefer self pay to avoid unreasonably high deductibles, long processing times, lack of choice in equipment and lack of quality in covered products. Ease Living allows you to choose! Pick the products you need that fit your lifestyle. 

    Why Ease Living?

    Most sites that sell medical equipment are mega malls. They take every product they can find and throw it on the site to see what sticks. At Ease Living we carefully curate our products and only sell those that meet our very high standards.  All products are reviewed by a team of therapists to make sure they are the best solution for the problem they solve. But do not think that we would sacrifice safety for beauty. At Ease Living we only sell products we would want for our families. You will never find any snake oils or products that make impossible promises - Only products that promote Dignity and Independence. A blog post detailing why Ease Living is the best solution can be found here

    Where do you get your products?

    Ease Living sources products from all over the world. I have attended trade shows in the US and Europe to find the most elegant & useful products that provide for independence and safety across the lifespan. Many of Ease's  products are available in the US only through Ease Living!

    How are your products different?

    There is no shortage of warehouse medical supply stores and mega mall websites that sell every health related product imaginable. With no knowledge of the needs of actual people, they throw every thing out there to see what sticks. While some of these products are helpful, they lack grace and elegance. White hospital grade plastic and cheap aluminum do not belong in one's home. Ease Living seeks a dignified solution. As a therapist, I ensure the products are the best solution available. We would never sacrifice safety for splendor. With these carefully curated products, I know that safety can be elegant. Ease's products offer a dignified solution to the problem of decreasing independence. I would never expect someone to sacrifice their dignity when facing life's challenges. Learn more here.... 

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