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    Benefits of Compression Socks for Travel

    Compression Socks for Travel


    Do you find that traveling, especially long-distance, is hard on your legs?

    One of the reasons for this is that you spend a long time sitting still on such journeys. Limited movement results in reduced blood flow, especially in your legs. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can also lead to circulation problems lik Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or formation of blood clots in deep veins.

    The risk of developing such complications increases on long-haul flights, as cramped spaces and raised cabin pressure further contribute to the issue. Fortunately, we have a simple solution to keep these likely problems at bay—Compression Socks!

    Compression Socks are special, snug-fitting socks that put gentle pressure on the blood vessels in your legs, allowing them to work better. They slightly squeeze the foot and calf muscles, thus improving the blood flow. This also prevents blood from pooling in one place and forming clots. When you wear compression socks for flying, they also support the legs and keep them from become tired and sore.

    Health benefits aside, the best part is that compression socks are no longer dull or ugly. Instead, there are many fashionable and colorful choices to suit every taste. The stylish options available today make it easy to incorporate compression socks into your wardrobe. They easily pass off as fashionable hosiery, allowing you to seamlessly blend them in with the rest of your outfit.

    Whether you prefer solid colors, floral prints, funky modern designs or smart details, we have a stunning variety of options for you to choose from. Click here to check it out for yourself. 

    And if you have trouble slipping on your compression socks, our compression sock aid makes the entire process a breeze. All you have to do is pull the sock over it, insert your foot and pull the ropes on either side to get the sock up your leg. For more details on this product, visit this link

    So, make our compression socks your constant companion and look great while you indulge in the fun of traveling without having to worry about your feet again!





    Holiday Gift Guide 2016

    holiday gift guide 2016

    Who is the hardest person on your holiday list? I will bet that if you have anyone over the age of 50 on that list, they one of the tough ones. What to do buy for someone who has the life experience to know what they want and to get it for themselves? Here at Ease Living we have curated a list that includes items for those that are active and those a that are a little less so.

    Compression Socks

    Compression socks are all the rage for comfort and health reasons. But they can be so ugly. Our compression socks have the style you need for your modern look. In styles for men and women.


    Polka dots in 4 color combinations, Stripes, Argyle, Fair Isle, Floral - you name it, we have it in our best selling compression line from Vim & Vigr. For men and women at $32.99 a pair. Link to the collection here or on the pictures above.

    A Modern Cane


    Your cane should complement your style just like your eyeglasses or your bag. Our canes are truly works of art with carefully thought out details for style and for function. See the collection here or click on the pictures above. 

    The Best Walker - for a Little More Support


    The Rollz Motion is the best mobility product we've found. It serves as both a four wheeled walker with a seat and as a wheelchair. The transformation truly takes less than a minute and involves no tools. This is the perfect solution for those who like to travel or spend a lot of time out on the town but might need a little more support to keep moving. Click here for all the details. 

    The Ultimate Gift of Mobility


    A scooter is the ultimate gift of mobility. Our selection of electric scooters from E- Wheels will meet all of your needs. From fast and colorful to controlled to folding, the E-Wheels line covers it all. Click here to see the whole collection. 

    These are just some of the perfect gifts available at Ease Living for that hard to buy for person on your list. For more ideas check out some of our other favorite gift guides for 2016.

    Rebates Zone 

    Harper's Bazaar

    Pop Sugar 

    Happy Holidays!


    Compression Socks - The Perfect Father's Day Gift

    The perfect gift for fathers day

    Socks?! Such a boring gift! Not really.... Compression socks are the perfect gift for Father's Day because not only do they elevate Dad's style, they also improve his health. Whether for tired legs, swollen legs or for comfort and protection from blood clots when traveling, compression socks are always a great idea. 


     Stripes in Brown& Brick or Black & Navy from Vim & Vigr


    Brown Argyle from RejuvaHealth       



    A Funky Modern Pattern in 3 Color Combinations from Top & Derby     

         Compression socks for men in stripes

    Thin stripes in 2 Color Combinations from Vim & Vigr.


    Grey Smoke Argyle from Rejuvahealth.


    And remember, your purchase ships free at Ease Living!

    Happy Father's Day,





    8 Tips for A Fun and Safe Summer for Seniors

    8 summer safety tips for senios

    Another Memorial Day has passed and you know what that means, it is officially summer! Warmer weather, perhaps more free time - the options are endless. With gardening, cook outs and more time outside, it is important to think about how increased heat poses health risks as we and our loved ones age. 8 easy tips: 

    1. Drink UpDehydration is a something to be concerned about as the temperature rises. But don't wait until you feel thirsty before reaching for a drink. The negative effects of dehydration can occur without feeling thirsty. Drink water and a variety of other beverages through out the day.  But....
    2. Cut Out the Caffeine - Decrease the amount of hot and iced coffee and tea in the summer. Caffeine works on the kidneys as a diuretic which depletes a body of needed liquid. Stick to water or flavored water instead. 
    3. Wear Layers - To prevent the hot/cold that happens when going back and forth all day between scorching summer heat and frigid air conditioning, dress in layers so you will always be comfortable. Wear light colors that will reflect the sun in breathable, natural fabrics like cotton that will always be comfortable. 
    4. Don't be a Sun Worshiper - On excessively hot days, avoid being outdoors to prevent overheating, dehydration, and sunburn. If your home doesn't have air conditioning, head to a friend's house, to the movies or to the mall, or go your local senior center to take advantage of their air conditioning.
    5. Rinse Away the Heat -  Jumping in a pool or taking cool shower or bath can help bring down your  body temperature when things have gotten a little too hot. A small towel or cloth soaked in cool water and draped around your neck or on top of your head can also help to cool down.
    6. Block the SunWhen you do spend time in the sun, make sure you wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect your skin from sunburn. A hat and sunglasses are also important. 
    7. If you can't stand the heat  No one wants to stand over a hot stove in the heat of the summer. The stove and oven will heat your kitchen in addition to your food. Switch to cooler dishes like salads or sandwiches or order take away and let someone else do the cooking!
    8. Cool Home Sweet Home - Keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable temperature so you don't over heat. If air conditioning isn't available, open the windows and use fans to circulate the breezes from outside. 

    Have a safe and happy summer with these tips from Ease Living. And don't forget to check on older neighbors and friends that may not have the benefit of this knowledge. 

    Now get out there and have some fun!


    7 Fabulous Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Happy Father's Day
    Why are Dads so hard to buy for? It is even harder as they get older. They say they don't want or need anything. Or they go out and buy everything they want for themselves leaving no options for you, the one who wants to show Dad how much they care on Father's Day. 
    Some of these suggestions are available from us here at Ease Living while others are not. Only you know what will truly make your Dad feel special.
    1. If your Father is in to sports, tickets to see his favorite team are a great gift idea. Even better if you can join him to cheer on the team!
    2. When a little help is needed with mobility, let Dad show his passions with one of our themed canes. From fishing to golf, hunting to dogs, one of our thoughtful canes will keep Dad safe while showing off something that makes him happy.
    3. Put family photos on a digital frame that can be purchased at any mass market retailer. These frames scroll through photos at a pre-determined pace so you don't have to choose just one photo to give as a gift. 
    4. Socks. Not only are socks a hot fashion accessory, they can also be beneficial for your health! At Ease Living we don't sell boring beige medical socks. Our compression and non-binding socks come in colors and patterns to spruce up any look!
    5. Experiences. Gift certificates for a men's spa experience or a fancy meal might be just the thing to make Dad feel special. There are even certificates available for things like driving a race car, riding in a hot air balloon or jumping out of a plane! Just remember to pick something your Dad would like, not something that is on your bucket list. 
    6. If your father is having a little trouble remaining independent, how about buying him a shirt he can easily put on and take off on his own? Our stylish polo shirt is easy to get on and off because of its hidden back flap making it unnecessary to pull it over head. Perfect for the stylish gentleman that doesn't want to accept help. 
    7. Time. No matter what you give your Dad this Father's Day, what he really wants is to spend time with you. If you can't be together in person, be sure to have a long talk. And don't save these talks and gatherings only for Father's Day and holidays. Time goes by much to quickly. Make sure your Dad knows he is loved every day.

    Show your Dad or Grandfather how important they are you to, this Father's Day and every day.