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    Drug Free Arthritis Pain Relief

    arthritis vibration therapy

    If you don’t have arthritis in your hands, you know someone who does. The joints just can’t stand up to the beating we put them through with time. Having stiff, aching joints is no fun and it can make it hard to work and do the things you like to do. You could take the pills the doctor prescribes but these often come with side effects and who wants to deal with that?

    Have you looked at vibration therapy? It works in two ways. First, the gentle vibrations increase circulation to the muscles and ligaments. Second, the vibrations disrupt the pain signals traveling to your brain.

    It is easy to get these drug free benefits from home with our vibrating compression gloves. These gloves make it easy to fit vibration therapy into your active life. The gloves are made of stylish soft cotton allowing your skin to breathe and have a non slip grip no the palms and fingers. These gloves can be worn anywhere as they look like regular winter gloves.  The discrete button turns the vibration on and off as you see fit. The gloves are rechargeable so there is no bulky power pack. You will feel the drug free pain relief with as little as five minutes of wear.

    Reviews from those who have discovered the benefits of vibration for arthritis pain relief:

    - "I bought these gloves for my wife. She has arthritis in both hands. She keeps raving about how well they work, she wakes up in the morning saying the pain is almost unbearable and as soon as she puts on the gloves it stops hurting."

    - "Outstanding. Gloves have reduced the swelling in my fingers, reduced the pain and increased my flexibility."

    Feel relief today with vibrating arthritis gloves from Ease Living. Buy yours here.

    How to Walk with a Cane

    How to walk with a cane

    You’ve found the perfect cane to keep you moving through your life. Learn how to use it properly.

    Is a cane right for me?

    First, know that canes are best for minor injuries and balance issues. A cane is not meant to support a large amount of weight like crutches.

    Make sure your cane is the right height.

         While wearing regular shoes, stand upright with your arms relaxed at your sides. The top of the cane should be level with your wrist. When taking measurements to order a  cane, measure from the wrist joint down to the floor when standing as above. If you’re buying a gift, a good guideline is to buy a cane that is half a person’s height. So if they are 5’5” (65 inches), a 32-33 inch cane will be the right size. Some canes are ordered by height and others are adjustable.

         While wearing regular shoes, stand upright with your arms relaxed at your sides. The top of the cane should be level with your wrist. When taking measurements to order a  cane, measure from the wrist joint down to the floor when standing as above. If you’re buying a gift, a good guideline is to buy a cane that is half a person’s height. So if they are 5’5” (65 inches), a 32-33 inch cane will be the right size. Some canes are ordered     byheight and others are adjustable.

    How to walk correctly with a cane.  

         Hold the cane in the hand on your “good” side (opposite the injury). Take a step with your “bad” leg and bring the cane forward at the same time. The cane and opposite leg should touch the ground at the same time. Take average size steps, you shouldn’t be stepping ahead of the cane or having to catch up to it. If you are using the cane for general balance and not for an injury, hold the cane in your dominant hand.

    Navigating stairs.

         Climb up the stairs by following the rule “up with the good”. Hold to the rail, if available, and hold the cane in the other hand. Put your stronger leg up on the step. Bring up the cane and your weaker leg to meet the stronger leg. When going down the stairs, continue to hold the railing in one hand and the cane in the other. Now it is “down with the bad” The weaker leg and the cane step down first then the stronger leg steps down      to meet them.

    Tackling curbs.

         Very similar to stairs. When going up a curb, step up with your strong leg then bring up the cane and the weaker leg to meet them. When stepping off the curb, start with the weaker leg and the cane in the opposite hand then step down with the stronger leg.

    Most importantly, don’t rush! And pick a cane (or canes!) that you love so you will never forget to use it as you maneuver through life.

    How to Cope with Incontinence

    incontinence take charge and carry on

    Do you know anyone that experiences incontinence? Probably not, because no one talks about it! The truth is that more than 25 million Americans suffer from some form of incontinence  It affects both men and women, and can happen to anyone at any age.  

    There are many different reasons why someone might experience incontinence including health, diet, age and pregnancy or childbirth. But one thing is certain, the emotional toll can be debilitating. You might lose interest in activities you once enjoyed like playing sports, going out to eat and hanging out with friends and family. Light bladder leakage can affect your sleep and make you feel like you never want to leave the house. It can make you feel unattractive.

    But you know what? It doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You can do everything you enjoy, with style, despite bladder leakage. Traditional adult diapers are treated as a joke. They are bulky and uncomfortable and something to hide.

    Ease Living has a better solution.

    Incontinence underwear that is stylish, comfortable and 100% functional - maybe even sexy. Confitex - Our new line is imported from New Zealand and has styles for men and women. Reusable, washable and dryable, just like the underwear you have always used. Patented 3 layer technology makes sure they work to eliminate dampness and odor. Time to stop ducking down the diaper aisle avoiding the eyes of everyone in the store.

    women's lace brief washable incontinence underwear

    men's washable incontinence brief

    You didn’t choose to have incontinence but you can choose how you respond. Take charge and carry on!

    5 Reasons to Wear Compression Socks in the Summer

    Not many of us are excited about wearing socks in summer. So, those compression socks you’ve been wearing per your physician’s advice or for comfort, do you really need them in the summer? Skipping them might be a big mistake, even if it is for just few months. This is especially true when you wear  them for health reasons.

    5 reasons to continue your compression routine in the summer.

    1. Heat can make swelling worse: When you are too hot your veins expand (dilate) which allows fluid to leak into surrounding tissue. This is the body’s natural way of keeping itself cool. But when veins expand it makes it harder for your body to push fluid against gravity back to the heart and it can pool in the lower legs causing more swelling.  

    2. Wearing compression socks prevents open sores and ulcers: Increased swelling can lead to more open sores. Without the support of compression socks, skin tends to becomes thin and irritated. Scratches and wounds then can develop into serious wounds or ulcers that take a long time to heal.

    3. Compression socks can help manage varicose veins: Varicose veins can be painful and ugly. They occur when the veins enlarge and become weak over time. Wearing compression socks improves circulation and can slow down the progression of varicose veins by keeping the veins close to their normal size. So yes, if you want to help those varicose veins, keep wearing compression in the summer.

    4. It makes summer travel more comfortable: It is summer and time to get out on the road! Whether you travel by car, train or by air, wear compression socks to support your legs. It will improve blood flow and make you more comfortable. This is especially useful on flights, when cramped conditions and high cabin pressure can really aggravate circulatory problems.

    5. Fashionable choices are available for summer: Compression socks are available in light fabrics perfect for summer heat and in fun patterns! Shop our lightweight patterned socks here. You will stay cool and comfortable while keeping your legs healthy.

    lightweight compression socks

    Remember that compression socks keep your legs happy! Keep them on whether it is summer or winter, to enjoy yourself without compromising your health.

    compression socks in grey argyle


    compression socks in stripes from vim & vigr



    Kinesiology Tape - The What, Why & How

    kinesiology tape

    Don’t let pain or a minor injury slow you down. Whether you are in training or trying to get through your day, strained muscles are not only painful, they can make it hard to get through the day. Although treatment options like topical massage creams, old-school taping methods and pain pills alleviate discomfort and pain, these traditional methods often have unwanted side effects and require you to limit movement . No one wants to be taken out of their game.  

    Kinesiology taping is an innovative and scientifically proven alternative that eliminates the drawbacks of traditional treatment options. Developed by the Japanese chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase, this taping method uses sticky, elastic tapes made that are applied along the skin in defined patterns to treat specific muscle groups. When in place, the tapes lift the skin and tissues surrounding the underlying injured muscle. As a result, blood and other body fluids circulate normally around the muscle as we move, and this enhances the natural healing process.  Unlike traditional athletic taping, which is applied prior to an activity and taken off immediately afterwards, kinesiology tapes are left on to provide ongoing benefits. When kinesiology tape is properly applied on an injured or overused area, it stabilizes and supports the muscles and allows continued movement. With increased blood circulation, pain and inflammation are often reduced.

    At Ease Living we have chosen to stock KT Tape brand kinesiology tape products. Our experts feel that their engineering, style and specialized products provide the best relief to reduce pain, improve performance and decrease downtime. KT Tape Pro is latex free and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for almost all skin types. It can be worn through multiple demanding workouts for up to 7 days and will stick with you through the harshest conditions including daily showers, humidity, cold and even the pool.  

    How you apply the tape is important, as the direction and tension will affect the results you experience. Our partners at KT Tape provide an excellent video series detailing exactly how to apply KT Tape and supporting products for the fastest and most complete benefit. Videos include basic instruction, legs, feet, knees, back, neck/shoulders & hands.

    KT Tape Kinesio Tape Colors

    KT Tape can be used alone or with other therapies to improve results. The tapes are available in a range of colors like blue, black, pink and beige. So, get yourself KT Taped and slowing down won't be in your vocabulary.