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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Debra Parham
    Ready to go Shopping

    Walker stays in my car & stays ready to go. I use it in stores that do not have the ride on electric carts & put it inside the shopping cart as it is light weight & easy to lift & fold up. It comes in handy for all my appointments. I push it in stores & still have room for all my other items around it.

    I am so glad this walker has made your life easier! :)

    Margo D.
    Walker For A Fashion Show

    Love this walker. Very light and I keep it folded up in my car. Easy to take in and out when I go to new places. I got Regal Rose and it is so pretty. It looked so cute compared to all the dull grey walkers in the doctor’s office. It cheered me right up. I may be getting older but I still want to look good.

    Thanks for your 5-star review, Margo! We're thrilled that your EZ Fold-N-Go Folding Walker is brightening up not only your doctor's office, but your days as well.

    Betty Gasper
    My Fold-N-Go Walker is THE best!

    Absolutely perfect! I don’t need it on a daily basis but when I do it more than supplies my need. I wondered about going through my narrow doors but I just unlock it and keep moving through narrow any narrow spaces. Rolls beautifully on carpets as well as wood floors. I am more than pleased with this purchase!

    We're delighted your EZ Fold-N-Go has met and exceeded your needs! Thanks for your great 5-star review, Betty!

    Jean Gibbs
    Delighted with my Fold-N-Go Walker

    I could not be happier with this walker. It's narrow enough to use in my tiny kitchen. It
    s stable enough to use with one hand when I'm carrying food. It's light enough and folds easily enough that I can zap it closed and place it in the backseat floor of cars, so the driver doesn't have to come around and put it in the trunk. The option of swivel wheels eliminates the need to pick up the walker to change directions. In addition to all these product benefits, The walker arrived assembled and ready to use, plus I received great swift service from Ease Living and plan to always check their product options before I buy from others.

    Anne-Marie Ham
    Lightweight and compact

    I got this for my husband. He had a larger one with seat at home, but it wouldn't go through narrow doorways and was too heavy to easily put in his truck. This takes care of both issues, he can maneuver it through our bathroom door and go from the house to his truck and place it in the bed without trouble, then pull it out to take inside at work. Since it only has 2 wheels it's a little more awkward to maneuver over our carpet than the larger one, but this fits the bill for what he needed. Otherwise it would be a 5.