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    I rarely write reviews, and mostly because all the reviews are one in the same, have generic comments like "nice, sturdy, high quality" which are more of a praise and less of a review. Reviews should include information helpful to others trying to determine if product is suitable for their needs.

    I am about 5'10" a little over 400 lbs, male and age 50. I have asthma and a bad hip and knee, I have a difficult time walking more than a few hundred feet without needing to catch my breath. If any of this is you, see my bulleted praises below.

    1. I am a wide framed guy, this walker is PERFECT to sit on with plenty of width between the arms for a wide frammed person with a large caboose.

    2. The photo on the web doesn't truly give a good picture of what the seat is like, even though the seat folds in half, it is a thicker padded seat that actually is comfortable and padded so that when your weight is on it, the sides don't press into your sides.

    3. The back rest is adjustable and comfortable.

    4. The unit comes completely put together. Handles are easily adjustable. colapsing the unit for storage is simple with one hand using the handle on the seat. I can say that the handle on the seat is not noticeable while sitting on it. That surprised me.

    5. The unit is only about 17lbs and to me, lightweight, a far better option than my bariatic wheelchair that is 60 pounds. This unit is a game changer for me, for being able to get out of the house more now since I won;t have to make a big deal out of lugging my wheelchair or mobility scooter around. I can now go to concerts, movies and other events.

    The best part of this purchase was Ease Living, not only did the owner reach out to me and thank me, I received the unit in a day and half when I needed it the most. I cannot give Ease of Living ENOUGH HIGH MARKS.

    Thank You Ease Living. I am now a customer for life!

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful 5-star review, Kelly! We're so happy to hear that the Nitro HD Heavy Duty Rollator Walker is working so well for you.