The Rollz Motion Performance

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The Rollz Motion Performance

You will never have to choose between bringing your walker or wheelchair again.
The Rollz Motion Performance combines a walker with four wheels and wheelchair in one so you will always have both options with you. You can walk as long as you want, sit down in the comfortable seat and be pushed to regain some strength, and then walk again if you feel like it. From now on you can always be part of the fun and not miss any activities with your friends or family. 

An All Terrain Option
The Rollz Motion Performance is the all-terrain model of the Rollz Motion, with pneumatic tires for extra shock absorption. The softer armrests and the wedge-shaped seat increase comfort. This model is ideal for regular use on bumpy and uneven terrain. It is great if you need extra shock absorption due to sensitive hands, wrists, shoulders or back problems as the 
pneumatic wheels dampen vibrations.
Some other distinctions between the Rollz and the Rollz Performance.
  • The performance seat cushion is thicker at the front, tilting the pelvis slightly backwards. This results in a better sitting posture, especially in the wheelchair position which translates into less pressure and tension on and in the back and thighs.
  • The Performance is more visible due to the reflective elements on the basket, under the seat and on the wheelchair package.
  • The handles and footrests of this all-terrain rollator are adjustable to different heights, arm and leg lengths. 
  • Nine handle and four footrest positions are available. This way you can set the optimal combination for yourself and the person you are pushing, for walking and for sitting.
No Compromise needed.
Rollz Motion is the perfect rollator and wheelchair combination for those who can walk with support but sometimes need to use a wheelchair too. This way you do not need to choose what aid to bring along when going out for a coffee, to a concert or on a weekend trip. It opens up your world. Fuel yourself with confidence because you can actually do so much more than you thought you could. And your rollator will be with you every step of the way.

It really is a 2 in 1. 
This innovative design transforms from rollator into wheelchair in just a few seconds. No tools needed. The package that holds the wheelchair components acts as a comfortable seat with a back rest when set in wheelchair position. This package can be left at home if you know you won't need the wheelchair option or carried on the rollator when you want to have the option with you. In a matter of seconds, simply put the seat up, turn the handles into wheelchair-push-position and adjust it to the correct height for the person pushing the transport chair. Attach the footrests and continue your journey.


The Rollz Motion Performance is easily foldable into a compact package that can be stored in small spaces, transported, or placed in the trunk of a car. All you need to do is remove the cushion and put the seat up. It is easy to quickly and easily fold the Rollz Motion on-the-go. Whether you’re catching a bus, getting in a car, or taking a seat at a restaurant, your rollator can be easily folded up quickly. 

Extra Assist
The rollator and wheelchair is equipped with two curb climbers, located behind both left and right rear wheels. By putting your foot on the curb climber and pulling the handles towards you, the rollator will tilt and both front wheels will lift off the ground. This allows you to easily go over curbs or thresholds.

Designed in Jungle Green in the Netherlands where modern style is woven in to everyday life. 

What Makes the Rollz Performance Different
It really is a walker and wheelchair in one. And the transformation from one to the other is so easy. This is the ideal mobility device if you like to walk on bumpy roads or trails in addition to regular sidewalks and in stores. 

What I Love About the Rollz Performance
It gives you so many mobility options it expands your life. Yes, it is expensive. But your life and freedom and worth it. 
  • Seat Height:  21.5"  
  • Handle Height Range:  34"-39" for those 5'6" to 6'5"
  • Overall Width  25.5"
  • Front Wheel Diameter 8"
  • Rear Wheel Diameter 12"
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
  • Walker Weight: 25 pounds

  • Optional accessories include a cup holder, cane holder, shopper and travel cover and are available here.  

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    Watch this video to see how a Rollz transforms from a walker to a transport chair - 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    The Rollz Motion Performance is an incredible mobility device and I’m grateful to have it.

    I am so glad you found a walker you love!

    A month later

    I have inclusion body myositis and it has really weakened the quadriceps in my legs. I typically use a cane but was looking for something more stable to use for long walks. I researched many options, and an all terrain feature was important to me. I finally selected the Rollator and it’s been great. Easy to assemble and a joy to use. The design of the Rollator is first rate, and I’m not surprised that it has received design awards. Strong, stable, adjustable, very smooth rolling and turning.. in short, it’s everything I was looking for. Excellent product!

    Thanks for your 5-star review, Paul! We're so pleased to hear that your Rollz Motion Performance is everything you were looking for.

    Beatrice Plante
    A wonderful rollator

    An all terrain Rollator design to provide the finest; Adaptability, Relief, and Safety, to those with goals previously out of reach.

    Thank's to the DUTCHS for such PERFORMANCE !

    Thank you for the 5-star review, Beatrice! We're happy to hear that the Rollz Motion Performance has helped you with your mobility needs in a safe and adaptable manner.

    My independence has been restored!

    The Rollz Motion Performance has been wonderful for me. I chose this particular model for the inflatable tires, as I want to use it outdoors, including some light trail walking. This is perfect! I am able to walk on uneven grass, dirt, small rocks with stability. The tires allow for a smooth walk. The unit is very easy to assemble. Full instructions come with it. The transition from rollator to transport chair takes only a couple of minutes. The seat could be a little wider for my liking, but it is still comfortable. This was a large investment for me, but so far, it's well been worth the cost.

    Thank you for your 5-star review, Michele. Hearing how the Rollz Motion Performance Rollator has made your life better is the very reason we created this company. We put a lot of effort into finding the right products for our customers because we value your comfort and independence. We're glad to hear that you enjoy it!

    Candice Goddard
    Change happens, adjust

    Using it for the first time was overwhelming. There is a brain adjust that needs to happen. Half of me says, you need support, accept it, and the other half says, no you can do this without assistance. My intelligent side knew better, so I unloaded the Performance Rollater from my car, opened it and started walking. My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking, my hands and back were tight as could be. Then I began to notice how easy it opened and moved forward. I felt it gliding smoothly across the cement and turning without any effort on my part. I remember thinking, this isn’t bad at all and I began to relax. I lightly held the hand grips and the Rollater moved with me without any resistance. Later, I ventured out to the park and found the gravel path easy to maneuver. The Rollater easily pushed up the hill and braked downhill. When I tired, I lifted the seat and my tiny 5 year old great granddaughter wanted to push, which she did effortlessly (with steering assistance from my daughter since my granddaughter could not see over the seat back). When my granddaughter wanted to ride with me, my daughter said her added weight made no difference to the ease of pushing. I had feared getting tired while out. The Rollater has reopened my world.

    I am so glad you found the right mobility product to make your life better! This makes me so happy :)