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    Ease Living Shop & Product Reviews

    Based on 465 reviews

    Fantastic fit and effective! Loving the pattern as well.

    I'm glad you like them!!

    Escape Rollator Walker
    Kenneth Garwood

    I have owned an Escape for years and love it.

    I'm so glad you like the Escape. The right walker really does make all the difference!

    Super cute socks no binding

    I'm so glad I found your website to buy these socks
    I wanted a thinner type like these to wear with dressier casual shoes. They are very pretty and don't cut off my circulation while staying up. A perfect solution.

    I'm so glad you like these socks. Keep an eye out for new patterns!


    These really are non-binding socks. They are very easy to put on and they are very comfortable. They do not sag at all and leave no marks on the legs. Well order more of these for sure.

    I am so glad you like them and that they are comfortable!


    I haven't worn the dainty flowers yet but I have worn the polka dot ones and gave my granddaughter the ones with leaves and we both love how soft and comfortable they are! They don't bind and are now our favorites! Please advise when you have a clearance because I would like to stock up for next Christmas!

    They are such great socks! I'm glad you like them :)
    Keep an eye on our emails for upcoming sales.

    polka dot socks

    These are very comfortable, easy to care for, and the variety of colors and styles (for these polka dots and other socks) is a lot of fun.

    I am so glad you like your new socks!

    I love these socks

    I'd like some with foxes on them and phases of the moon, please!

    I will definitely look for more fun prints!

    My Father Raved!

    How nice to find non binding socks that look dignified rather than white socks! My father confirmed that they were comfortable for both his legs and feet. He felt nice to actually look sharp. We'll be back for more!

    I'm glad your Dad loves his new socks :)

    Non-binding socks for men and women

    The socks are wonderful! Finally, socks that do not leave deep indentations on our legs. This so important for the elderly and people with health issues. These socks are so comfortable and light. I bought a set for myself, my father and my husband. They are so happy with them, and they look great. Thank you so much for offering these products. I am so glad I have a place to purchase from whenever needed. I will definitely be ordering more of them. I would like to see a set of 3 plain black socks for women at some point, too. Thank you again. You exceeded my expectations!

    I'm so glad you love these socks! :)

    Very disappointed to have best designs/colors to be sold out.... when will they be restocked?

    They should be in by the end of this week!

    My husband purchased me these socks for Christmas. I love them. Soft,warm and comfortable.

    I'm so glad you like your socks! What a thoughtful husband :)

    Will people remember your socks?

    My 96 year old Mom is known for the fun socks she wears. It's one of those things people remember.
    Thank you, Easeliving, for adding comfort to the fun!

    I love this so much! Your Mom sounds like a very fun person :)


    I love the socks and just ordered 3 more pair!

    I'm so glad you like them! Keep an eye out for new patterns in 2023.


    Love my socks !

    I'm so glad you love your new socks!

    My new favorite socks

    I cannot find socks that don't bind or squeeze in any store. These socks are better than I expected. They are perfect if you are looking for a comfortable sock that looks good and feels light.

    These are great socks! I'm so glad you like them.

    The socks are not very thick. I thought they would be warmer

    I'm sorry they weren't what you were looking for. They are the thickness of a standard dress sock.

    I already gave I 5 star review!


    Great socks!

    These are great socks! Definitely non-binding and very pretty. I hav bought many for my mother.

    I'm glad your Mom likes them. They are great socks!

    My Mom loooooves these socks

    Looked everywhere for non binding, comfortable socks for my Mom. Found them here at Easeliving! Thank you for the comfort and peace of mind!

    I'm so glad your Mom likes them! :)

    Love these socks - great value too!

    I just received my 3rd order for these great non- binding socks. They are the answer to my prayers. Fashionable socks for us heavy legged women. They are so pretty and don't cut off my circulation like my other socks did; plus they don't like the standard black/white diabetic socks. Finally, this company really cares and stands by their high standards. You won't be disappointed!

    This makes me so happy! I'm glad you love your socks and Ease Living! :)

    Compact Toilet Aid

    The product is easy to use and easy to carry in my purse. I definitely would recommend ordering this product.

    This is so great to hear. I work hard to find products that help people stay active and independent!

    Best socks ever

    These socks are comfortable. The socks are soft and the socks. Most importantly, do not leave marks on your ankles and are awesomely designed and beautiful.

    I'm so glad you like them! :)

    Best Nonbinding socks ever!

    I am 71 years old and have had issues with socks leaving a mark and causing some swelling above the sock. I never have swelling with these socks. They are so comfortable and come in so many colors and patterns. I love them!

    I'm so glad you love these socks. No one wants to wear beige, black and white all the time right?

    no binding and socks stay up. great

    I'm so glad you love your new socks!

    Judy what I wanted.

    These socks are soft, lightweight and non-binding around my ankles. The did not shrink after washing in warm water. I will definitely buy again.

    I'm so glad these socks worked out well for you! :)