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    Customer Reviews

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    High Tech Super Light Rollator

    We purchased this rollator for our daughter who has mobility issues. She is delighted by the ease at which she can carry this device up and down her front steps, and then quickly fold it up and store it behind her driver's seat for easy access. As a retired aerospace engineer, I was fascinated by their ability to design and build this aid of state-of-the-art materials. The graphite composite layup was especially beautiful and functional.

    Function and fashionable!

    I was having a hard time coming to terms with using mobility aids. I did lots of research and loved that the Byacre had hidden brake cables and a nice sleek design. I use it frequently and love the look and that I’m not struggling to get places. Also, it’s very light for getting in and out of the car with it! I already want one in a different color. If you are tall, (I’m 5’11) you may need a taller one. I contacted Byacre directly after mine came and they sent me longer brake cables with a video so I replaced them and now I have up to 38.5 inches vs 35.8

    great walker

    This walker is well designed and constructed. The deployment and retraction is simple and intuitive. It is very light and can be handled with one hand so getting it into or out of the car is not a problem.


    This Rollator is amazing, it’s Ultralight, easy to maneuver, great turn radius, and easily fits into tight places. I am really happy with my choice. The wheels and brakes are so smooth it actually makes getting around fun and easier to the point I want to get out more. Thank you.

    Carbon Ultralight Rollator

    My husband is dependent on a walker to standing balance and to walk. His older walker was getting too heavy for him to put in trunk of his car. The ultralight is perfect. He easily places it into back seat. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. He bought the wide seat model. Height and width are just right for him. Plus, he gets lots of compliments on the style! He is very pleased. ( it is also much lighter for me to help him when needed). Be sure to ask questions about sizing before purchasing. They may be designed on a smaller scale.