Lightweight Patterned Compression Socks in Denim Dotty in Regular & Plus Size

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Lightweight Patterned Compression Socks in Denim Dotty in Regular & Plus Size

You have found the perfect compression socks if you live in a warm climate or are just prone to sweaty feet. These denim dotty print socks are so cute. With 8-15 or 15-20 mmHg in regular and plus sizes. 

What are compression socks and what are the benefits? These graduated compression socks provide more pressure at your ankle that decreases toward your knee. This helps boost circulation of freshly oxygenated blood. Compression socks are helpful for so many things including:

  • reducing swelling
  • alleviating achiness & heaviness
  • helping to manage orthostatic hypotension or low blood pressure when you stand up after a period of sitting down 
  • can help prevent deep bein thrombosis or blood clots in the legs
  • can help reduce pain from varicose veins

These benefits apply to just about anyone but especially people who have circulation issues, stand a lot on the job and need some relief or are traveling by plane or car and and won't have a chance to move around. 

These lightweight compression socks provide 8-15 or 15-20 mmHg. What does that mean? It is the level of compression or "squeeze" the socks provide. 

  • 8-15 mmHg: Very light compression. Can provide relief from tired aching legs, possibly help control minor swelling. Most people say the stockings simply feel good. These socks are 95% nylon and 5% spandex.
  • 15-20 mmHg: Great for travel, standing or sitting for long periods of time. Relief from minor swelling and varicose veins, often recommended during pregnancy. These socks are 85% nylon and 15% spandex.

Not sure is this level of compression is right for you? Click HERE to learn more. 

In regular and in plus sizes. Looking for more? Check out the other patterns here. 

What makes these socks different?
These lightweight compression socks are latex free and come in great patterns. They are perfect for those who have feet that get hot. AND they are available in Regular and Plus sizes. 

What I like about these socks
These socks are cute enough to get those who need to but don't want to wear compression socks or don't like thick socks to wear them. They are about as heavy as thicker tights. 


lightweight compression sock size chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Carol Preece
Am All Round Winner!

These compression socks have a great distribution of colors so will accent many outfits.

I am so glad you like them! Some new patterns are coming soon.

Susan Ahlquist
Compression socks

They look great with jeans. Easy to get on, and very comfortable.
AND, they stopped the swelling!
I’ll buy more.

I am so glad you like your new socks!

Gwen Cooper
ok if they fit

I'm short and wide - these go on ok but don't stay up. I did measure my calves and bought the appropriate size, I think a size larger might stay up but then the compression wouldn't be great.

I am so sorry they didn't work out. Compression socks can be hard to get right. I see you ordered the plus size, the regular might be better suited for you.

Janet McDougal
Lightweight Compression socks

Love the fun colors and pattern,they feel very good.

I am so glad you like them!

Rickert, Virginia
Circulation socks

Go good with jeans. Feel good.

I'm glad you like the way they look and feel :)