The Rollz Motion Rhythm - A Rollator for those with Parkinson's

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The Rollz Motion Rhythm - A Rollator for those with Parkinson's

Finally! A Euro rollator walker designed for those with Parkinson's or other movement disorders. The Rollz Motion Rhythm is a walker with a seat that provides 3 cues to help those with movement disorders walk more smoothly and safely. The laser line stimulates the start of movement, while the metronome and the vibration in the handles support the walking rhythm. To prevent habituation, these cues are individually adjustable via the module on the Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator or via the Rollz app.

In Matte Black.

** Please note I recommend you work with your therapist or physician to set the cues on the Rollz Motion Rhythm to work optimally for you **

  • Adjustable Cues: Use the app or the interface on the walker to adjust the timing of the cues
  • Laser: Laser line on the ground to step out of a freeze.
  • Sound: Stay in the walking rhythm with the metronome.
  • Vibration: The vibration in the handlebar make you feel the walking rhythm.
  • Stability: Walk tall and steadily between the ergonomic hand grips that are adjustable in height.
  • Compact: The Rollz Motion Rhythm folds easily into a compact package for transport
  • Comfortable: The large rear wheels with soft tires and foam handles ensure a comfortable walk and a comfortable place to sit.
  • Maneuverable - Easy to steer and roll with the rotating front wheels.
  • Curb assist: The curb assist makes it easier to cross doorways and curbs
  • Safe:  Innovative drum brakes, suitable to wet and dry conditions.
What Makes the Rollz Motion Rhythm Different
An easy to use rollator walker with 3 different cues to make mobility easier for those with Parkinson's and other movement disorders.

What I Love About the Rollz Motion Rhythm
It gives you so many mobility options it expands your life. Yes, it is expensive. But your life and freedom and worth it. 
  • Seat Height:  21.5"  
  • Handle Height Range:  34"-39" for those approximately 5'7" to 6'5"
  • Overall Width  26.5"
  • Seat Height: 21.5"
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
  • Walker Weight: 25 pounds

  • What is In the Box

    1 rollator - 2 armrests - 1 seat cushion - 1 seat bag - 1 module - 2 adjustment handles

    ** Please note that we can not offer Express Shipping on this item due to the size of the package.**

    Watch this video to see how the Rollz Motion Rhythm in action- 

    A video of a man with Parkinson's using the Rollz Motion Rhythm.


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