Wool Health Socks in Sunflower Pattern in 3 Color Options

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Wool Health Socks in Sunflower Pattern in 3 Color Options

These are the most amazing socks. Low pressure, no elastic so they don't leave an uncomfortable and unhealthy dent around your legs at the end of the day. And yes, they do stay up. These Health Socks are are crafted from fine merino wool to keep your feet in constant comfort.  Wool stays drier against the skin so it feels warmer even when damp. And there is just enough added polyester to provide for longer wear life. These socks are perfectly finished inside and out, there are no loose ends to catch on toes or cause discomfort. 

This Sunflower pattern is so pretty. In navy, grey or black and in 2 sizes. 

Aren't Wool Socks Itchy?
Not these wool socks! To get technical, these Health Socks are made from 19.5 micron high strength, long fiber, fine merino fleece wool. This wool is grown by farmers around Boorowa, a farming village in New South Wales, Australia. The long, strong and fine fibers ensure a soft silky handle and low pilling. with none of the itch, scratch or prickle of coarser wools.

The Story

In 1947 Sidney Humphrey and Albert Law formed a partnership to make socks in Australia. 70+ years later, this family-owned business is still making socks, and only socks. The Humphrey Law team is committed to making an incredible product, in an environmentally friendly and socially conscious manner, In addition to many customers all over the world, this family business has been outfitting the entire Australian Defense Force with their socks for over 40 years.

Who needs Health Socks? 

These are the perfect socks for those with swollen legs, circulation issues and diabetes. They are also great for people who just want to be comfortable and not have a ring around their leg at the end of the day. 

What makes these socks different?
The top of these socks really is comfortable. And they DO stay up.  The soft wool is moisture wicking and perfect for those concerned about the health of their feet.

What I love about this product.
These are medical socks without being medical socks. They look great and the comfort and features are beyond anything I've seen in any other sock. They come in fun patterns in sizes that fit. 


60% Fine Merino Wool, 38% Nylon, 2% Elastane


Wool Health Socks in Sunflower Pattern in Navy or Grey


Watch now to learn more about these amazing socks. 

Customer Reviews

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Australian Socks Who Knew

I love these Humphrey Law socks, hope to buy more.

Thanks for your 5-star review, Kathy. We’re so glad that you’re loving your Wool Health Socks In Sunflower Pattern so much that you’re interested in getting some more!