How Ease Living is Different

how ease living is different

There are thousands of medical supply stores. From websites to traditional brick and mortar stores and small departments in large chain stores, many are trying to sell items for "aging in place." Most of these stores were started and are run by people with a business background. Some that I have met that come from the retail or restaurant industries, not from healthcare.

Ease Living was founded by an occupational therapist. Occupational therapists work with people that are having trouble with safety and independence because of aging, illness or injury. I have used these products. I have used them with actual people who need them. I did not pick them out of a catalog because they had the splashiest print or from a company at a trade show that gave me a free pen and a chance to win an Ipad. Our products were chosen because they work. They are solutions. And just as important, they are beautiful. The influence of design and independence dignity can never be overlooked.

Most websites that sell home medical equipment are huge mega malls. The sites are difficult to navigate and are cluttered. There are thousands of products in too many confusing categories. Your safety and independence is too important to rely on these catch all sites for trial and error products. Ease Living curates our products to offer only the best solutions. We will not carry every cane, walker or tub bench that is out there because many are ugly and not safe. We only sell the best. Products that are tested by therapists for their utility. You will not find any products that make unrealistic claims and empty promises, only products that work. At Ease Living we only sell solutions that allow you to live Your Life Your Way.

All the best,

Alison-Founder of Ease Living

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