How to Choose Between a Walker & Rollator

How to Choose Between a Walker & Rollator

Need a little help getting around? If you are having issues with strength, balance, endurance or pain, a walker can be the perfect mobility solution. There is no need to slow down. But what type of walker is best? There are 4 main types of walkers: standard, rolling, rollator (a walker with wheels and a seat) and combination walkers. 

  • Standard Walker.  How To Choose Between A Walker & RollatorThese are popular because they are inexpensive and provide a lot of support. They must be lifted to move so they require enough upper body strength to lift the walker and enough balance to stand independently for a moment. Standard walkers can be difficult for long trips and they can slow you down.  They do fold mostly flat for transportation and storage. This is the type of walker commonly seen at drug stores and other big box retailers. 
  • Rolling Walker.  How To Choose Between A Walker & RollatorA rolling walker is a standard walker with wheels on the front 2 legs. It can allow for a faster pace because the walker does not need to be lifted with each step. They are somewhat less stable than a standard walker and are a good option for someone who wants the extra support, has the balance to move more freely and doesn't need to put a lot of weight on the walker. These also fold mostly flat for transportation and storage and can be found at drug stores and some big box retailers. Ease Living carries the Ez Fold N Go Walker - the world's most lightweight and portable walker. 
  • Rollator. How To Choose Between A Walker & Rollator Rollator is another name for a four wheel walker or a walker with a seat. Rollators allow you to move as quickly as is safe because they are not slowed by having to lift. They come equipped with a seat for rest, a basket or bag to hold personal items and hand brakes that can be locked for stability when sitting and do fold for transport.  Ease Living carries a variety of rollators including the Ez Fold N Go Rollator which is the most compact and portable rollator we have found. The Escape is a fantastic rollator that is available in 3 different adjustable sizes to accommodate those 4'7" to 6'7". 
  • 2 in 1 Rollator & Transport Chair rollzAnother popular option is the Rollator/transport chair combination. It can be used as a traditional rollator that provides support to the person pushing it, or as a transport chair which offers the user a chance to sit back and relax as someone else gives them a ride. This option is especially popular for travel because it offers the most flexibility with one device. No need to bring both a walker and a wheeelchair!

No matter what device you choose, there are many accessories available to make it your own and make it work for you. Walker bags, cane and drink holders, travel bags - the selection is endless. 

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