5 Solutions for Trouble Using the Toilet

5 Solutions for Trouble Using the Toilet

A difficult but so important topic. There are a lot of things that can make using the toilet difficult. Here are 5 solutions for different issues. 

Can't Get Off the Toilet. (Numbers 1 & 2)
Getting up and down off the toilet can be an issue for a lot of people. It is often positioned awkwardly and there sometimes isn't anything to push off of like in a chair with arms. A Dignity Lift is like an electronic lift chair- but for the toilet. It gently and securely gives a boost to make standing from the toilet so much easier when the job is done. In 2 models- basic & deluxe

Can't Get Clean After Using the Bathroom (Numbers 3 & 4)
A toilet aid is the perfect product to get cleaned up after using the bathroom when doing the old fashioned way just won't work. A toilet aid (also called a bottom buddy) extends your reach so everywhere that needs to get clean gets attention. There are many toilet aids that sit next to the toilet like a toilet brush. But people go out and they do need to use the bathroom out in the world. The compact and pocket easywipes are designed to be used at home and on the road. In discrete hygienic cases to carry with you.


Incontinence Underwear (Number 5)
When a little drip is inevitable and you don't want to wear a paper diaper, washable reusable incontinence underwear are the way to go. They work well, don't smell and look and feel like regular underwear. Perfect. 


Don't let bathroom issues curtail your life. Solutions do exist! 

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