Unexpected Gifts for Older Women

Unexpected Gifts for Older Women

Who is the hardest person on your list? I will bet that if you have anyone over the age of 50 on that list, they are one of the tough ones. What to do buy for someone who has the life experience to know what they want and to get it for themselves? I have curated a list that includes items for those that are active and those are that are a little less so.

1. Compression Socks They Will Love.

Compression socks are all the rage for comfort and health reasons. But they can be so ugly. These cute compression socks have the style you need and are good for the legs. There are even lightweight compression socks for those who are lucky enough to live somewhere warm. See Ease Living's selection of compression socks HERE.         

cute compression socks at ease living  2. The Perfect Cane for Every Look.              

A cane should complement your style just like your eyeglasses or your bag. From an all terrain cane to folding travel canes, our canes and accessories are perfect to make sure all outings are good outings . See the collection here or click on the pictures above. 

walking canes

3. A Walker That Goes Everywhere They Want to Be.  

A walker or rollator provides so many options. The stability and support to walk and a place to rest. Ease has many options but here some of my favorite. The Rollz2 that serves as both a four wheeled walker with a seat and as a wheelchair. The Carbon Ultralight weighs only 11 pounds and it is gorgeous. The Nexus 3 has so too many amazing options to list.  Click HERE to see all the options. 

walkers with wheels and a seat

4. Cute and Comfortable Non Binding Socks.

Socks that leave a mark are uncomfortable and can be bad for leg health in those with diabetes or legs that tend to swell. These socks come in pretty patterns and solids. Click HERE to see all the adorable options. 

       non binding socks

5. Your time.  Make an extra call and send an extra call or email. That will likely be the best gift they receive.           

In the end, the gift of confidence and independence is one of the best gifts you can give.  

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