5 Reasons to Wear Compression Socks in the Summer

5 Reasons to Wear Compression Socks in the Summer

Not many of us are excited about wearing socks in summer. So, those compression socks you’ve been wearing per your physician’s advice or for comfort, do you really need them in the summer? Skipping them might be a big mistake, even if it is for just few months. This is especially true when you wear  them for health reasons.

5 reasons to continue your compression routine in the summer.

1. Heat can make swelling worse: When you are too hot your veins expand (dilate) which allows fluid to leak into surrounding tissue. This is the body’s natural way of keeping itself cool. But when veins expand it makes it harder for your body to push fluid against gravity back to the heart and it can pool in the lower legs causing more swelling.  

2. Wearing compression socks prevents open sores and ulcers: Increased swelling can lead to more open sores. Without the support of compression socks, skin tends to becomes thin and irritated. Scratches and wounds then can develop into serious wounds or ulcers that take a long time to heal.

3. Compression socks can help manage varicose veins: Varicose veins can be painful and ugly. They occur when the veins enlarge and become weak over time. Wearing compression socks improves circulation and can slow down the progression of varicose veins by keeping the veins close to their normal size. So yes, if you want to help those varicose veins, keep wearing compression in the summer.

4. It makes summer travel more comfortable: It is summer and time to get out on the road! Whether you travel by car, train or by air, wear compression socks to support your legs. It will improve blood flow and make you more comfortable. This is especially useful on flights, when cramped conditions and high cabin pressure can really aggravate circulatory problems.

5. Fashionable choices are available for summer: Compression socks are available in light fabrics perfect for summer heat and in fun patterns! Shop our lightweight patterned socks here. You will stay cool and comfortable while keeping your legs healthy.

lightweight compression socks

Remember that compression socks keep your legs happy! Keep them on whether it is summer or winter, to enjoy yourself without compromising your health.

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