What Does Life Look Like with Incontinence?

what does like look like with incontinence?

Incontinence is something no one wants to talk about. Not being able to control one’s bladder is immediately associated with being a child or an “old person.” It’s embarrassing, makes people feel unattractive, and can lead them to stop doing the things they love. But the truth is that some form of incontinence affects more than 25 million Americans and it doesn’t discriminate based on age. The majority of people that live with it never ask for help. So the biggest reason for all the shame can be blamed on not talking about it.

What does life look like with incontinence?

Based on the statistics, there are plenty of people living with incontinence without you ever having knowledge of it. They still go to locker rooms, for example, and are unafraid to let their partners see them in their underwear because no, a person doesn’t need to wear a diaper if he or she suffers from this issue. Life doesn’t have to be different.

Incontinence underwear exists that is stylish, comfortable, 100% functional, and some are even sexy. Gone are the days of being forced to wear bulky, noticeable paper diapers. The Love Luna line is one example that has styles for women that are reusable and stylish. Patented 3 layer technology eliminates dampness and odor. Toss them in the washer like you would with any other garment.

What causes incontinence?

Technically, it’s not a disease, but the symptom of an underlying issue that interferes with normal bladder function. A person can suffer incontinence for reasons like:

-having suffered a spinal injury

-a neurological disorder

-invasive pelvic surgery



-prostate cancer treatment


-weakening of the pelvic floor muscles

What can be done about incontinence?

If you suffer from incontinence, wearing high-quality incontinence undergarments and trying these tips could make a world of difference:

-Reduce your caffeine intake and avoid sugary foods.

-Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water every day can prevent irritation of the bladder lining.

-Keep your weight in check.

-Steer clear of medications that can cause incontinence, like antidepressants and antihistamines.

-Practice “double” urinating. After urinating, wait and try again. This completely empties the bladder and can reduce urinary tract infections.

Life with incontinence looks like your life. You can do this.

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