How to Cope with Incontinence


Do you know anyone that experiences incontinence? Probably not, because no one talks about it! The truth is that more than 25 million Americans suffer from some form of incontinence  It affects both men and women, and can happen to anyone at any age.  

There are many different reasons why someone might experience incontinence including health, diet, age and pregnancy or childbirth. But one thing is certain, the emotional toll can be debilitating. You might lose interest in activities you once enjoyed like playing sports, going out to eat and hanging out with friends and family. Light bladder leakage can affect your sleep and make you feel like you never want to leave the house. It can make you feel unattractive.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You can do everything you enjoy, with style, despite bladder leakage. Traditional adult diapers are treated as a joke. They are bulky and uncomfortable and something to hide.

Ease Living has a better solution.

Incontinence underwear that is stylish, comfortable and 100% functional - and it looks good. Love Luna Lady Leaks is a New line of reusable, washable incontinence underwear for women

incontinence panties for women  incontinence underwear for women

You didn’t choose to have incontinence but you can choose how you respond. Take charge and carry on!


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