What Does mmHg Stand For?

What Does mmHg Stand For?

Did you know socks can be good for your legs? When you have varicose veins or other circulation issues, compression socks can help improve your blood flow and prevent further damage. They can also help you stay active and relieve leg pain caused by conditions like restless leg syndrome or swollen feet.

When it comes to compression socks, the term mmHg is used to measure how well they can increase blood flow and improve circulation.

What is mmHg?

mmHg stands for millimeters of mercury, and it’s a measurement of pressure. You’ve likely heard of it when it comes to blood pressure, but mmHg is also used to measure the pressure inside a fluid, like the fluid inside your blood vessels. The higher the pressure inside the fluid, the more likely your blood will flow quickly.

What should I look for when shopping for compression socks?

Compression socks are designed to help increase blood flow, but you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the right pair. It’s important to know what mmHg you’re wearing, as they have different uses.

When you’re shopping for compression socks, you’ll want to look for the mmHg number. You can typically find this number on the packaging or the tag of the sock.  

Unless prescribed by your physician, anything over 30 mmHg is a little too much and may cause issues with your circulation.

And most importantly, pick cute compression socks you will love to wear! Your legs will Thank You.

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