Giving a Cane as A Gift.

giving a cane as a gift

You want to take your friend or family member out for errands or some fun but walking has become more of a chore. Whether it is fatigue, pain or fear of falling, many avoid going out when walking becomes harder. 

Want to make things easier? Think about giving the gift of a cane. 

Don't balk at this idea! Hear me out. When someone needs a cane and they don't use one, one of two things happen. Either they risk falling or they stop going out. Both are bad for physical and mental health. Giving them a cane they love might be just the hump they needed to get over to take control of this part of their life.

But choosing the right cane is important. Some tips. 

Make Sure the Cane is the Right Size

The top of the cane should line up with their wrist crease. When they hold the cane their elbow should be at about a 15-degree angle. Walking with the cane should be comfortable in that position.  An adjustable cane might be the best option as you can adjust it as soon as it is opened and they can start walking with their cane right away. 

Pick A Cane They Will Love

An ugly cane will get left behind. Pick a cane that fits the users style and it will be far more likely to be used. You don't buy shoes or a sweater you think are ugly- why would you buy an ugly cane?

Make Sure They Know How to Walk with a Cane

Knowing how to use a cane when walking is imperative. 

  1. Hold the cane in the hand on your “good side” so that when you lean on it, you are taking weight off the side that hurts the most.
  2. Move the cane and the bad leg together at the same time. So, when you take a step with your bad leg, move the cane forward in sync. Don’t stretch it out--move it the same distance as your average step. 

When stepping onto a level surface, have your bad leg take the first step while you use the cane to steady yourself as needed. When going up stairs, remember the saying “up with the good” to put your good leg up the step first. When going down stairs, remember the saying “down with the bad” to put your bad leg down the step first. 

Soon walking with a cane will come without thinking. 

While it may seem like an interesting choice, a cane might just be the perfect gift. 
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