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    Customer Reviews

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    Fonda Younger
    My Socks

    Really like the socks! I shared some with family members who like them as well. Soft with a feel-good on my feet!

    Thanks for your 5-star review, Fonda! We're pleased to hear that you and your family like the soft and comfortable feel of your Non Binding Socks in Climbing Rose.

    So comfortable

    These are so soft, not too thick, don't strangle my ankles, and they don't fall down--just what I needed. Thanks!

    Thanks for your 5-star review, C.C.! We're so happy to hear that your Non Binding Socks in Denim Polka Dots are providing you just the comfort you need.


    Until I found these, been buying "soft" socks that strangled my calves. I do not have fat legs by no means. These are soft, no leg tourniquets , no marks at all! They wash great and maintain integrity of quality. A product that actually DOES what it promises to do.
    Thank you !!

    I'm so glad you love them :)

    Jan McGrane
    great socks

    I needed fairly light weight socks that didn't have a binding top band since that made my legs swell above the band. These were the most interesting socks I could find that fit the bill of being nonbonding and fashionable. (I love coordinating my socks with my outfit.) Many thanks for your offerings.

    I'm so glad you like them and they work so well for you!

    Judith Williamson
    Great socks

    Great socks. I didn’t know if they would fit my long size 13 foot. Would have loved the more colorful styles for women. Ordered the man’s sock. Didn’t know if the woman’s size would fit.

    I'm so glad they worked out for you!