3 Pairs Non Binding Socks for Women in Plain White

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3 Pairs Non Binding Socks for Women in Plain White

Imagine coming home at the end of the day and NOT wanting to rip off your socks. That indent most socks leave around your leg is uncomfortable and it can be bad for your leg health.

These non binding crew length socks in basic white are made with luxurious soft touch cotton with a unique honeycomb top that molds to your legs so your socks stay up but doesn't constrict your leg. 

You receive all 3 pairs you see in the picture. 

Sold in 3 packs in women's shoe size 5-10. Looking for more colors and patterns? Check them out here. 

Who needs non binding socks?

Those with swollen legs, circulation issues and diabetes will love these socks. They are also great for people who just want to be comfortable and not have a ring around their leg at the end of the day. 

What makes these socks different?

The top of these socks really is comfortable. And they DO stay up.  The quality soft touch yarns and the removal of elastic make them even more comfortable and avoid constriction and pressure hotspots.

What I love about this product.

Not only are these non binding socks comfortable, they are CUTE! They come in so many different patterns. Most medical socks come in black, beige and white and that's all. 


75% Cotton 16% Polyester 8% Nylon 1% Elastane

Customer Reviews

Based on 357 reviews

These are gifts. They are very pretty and they are of good quality.


Sheila Martin
Best socks ever!

Love these socks - so comfortable and don't leave marks from being too tight! Will buy all black next time!! Thank you!

I am so glad you like them! Comfortable socks are more important than we think aren't they?

Elizabeth Eubanks

Love my socks. So comfortable.

I am so glad you like them :)

Marilyn Morrow
My Favorite!

I was so excited when I saw Christmas socks here. These are the only socks I can wear and I always wore cute patterned socks. When I first found ease Luving socks I got some immediately and have now worn them for at least three years. So when I saw Christmas socks available I immediately went to their site and ordered both sets of designs available at the time. Of course they came very quickly as always and I love the patterns. I will start wearing them tomorrow and wear them the entire month of December. These socks are adorable.

My only complaint, and I wrote about it, is that they don’t socks with green all year. I love green and wear lots of it so it would be great to have matching socks.8

I am so glad you love these socks! I will be bringing in more limited edition patterns through out the year so keep an eye out!

Julie S
What about those size 11-13 women

These are exactly what I need, but I’m so disappointed, but they don’t come in a size greater than 10. What a bummer.

Occasionally I am able to get some patterns in larger sizes! Keep an eye out. There will definitely be an email when they are back in stock.