8 Tips for Summer Travel by Car with Seniors

8 tips for summer road trips with seniors

Millions of people will hit the road this summer. Whether it be a visit to family or a getaway for relaxation or adventure, there is no reason to let physical limitations restrict your travel. In addition to making sure your car is properly serviced and ready for the trip, here are more tips for traveling by car:

  • Check your cellular provider’s coverage map to assure your phone will work along your journey and at your destination. Make sure you have a car and a wall charger.
  • Pack extra water and snacks in case of a delay. If you will be traveling in warm weather, having plenty of fluids available is crucial. Many medications need to be taken with food so make sure there is a snack handy at pill time.
  • Keep medication in an easy to reach spot to help ensure you stay on schedule. 
  • Bring a copy of medication and any other important medical records just in case.
  • The Metro Car Handle make it easy to get out of the car by providing something to push on- like the solid armrest of a chair. As an occupational therapist, I get nervous when I see people grabbing on to the door to help themselves up. The door moves and could land you right back in the seat or on the ground!
  • Wear layers and plan for changes. The weather can change in a heartbeat here in the Midwest with summer storms. Allow for layers that can be put on or taken off and pack something for rain.
  • Allow extra time. Summer is construction season in many states. It may take you longer to get to your destination than you anticipate. Take the stress out of travel and allow extra time.
  • Plan for flexibility. Strict time tables and rushing around can cause unnecessary stress. Travel affects everyone differently so allow time for breaks if you or a travel companion starts to feel fatigued. Falls, illness and disorientation are common when elderly people get too tired.

With these tips your summer journey will be fun and safe for everyone.



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