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    Complete Guide to Compression Socks for Flying

    compression socks for flying

    Should you wear compression socks when you fly? Yes!

    Have you ever gotten off a plane to find your ankles swollen and your legs feeling tight and painful? It is no fun. Traveling can be so great but no one wants to start their trip feeling uncomfortable. There is also a risk of developing blood clots on a flight. The risk is low but it does go up as travel time increases.

    Why do my feet swell when flying?
    Believe it or not it doesn’t have anything to do with flying but is a result of immobility.
    Sitting with your feet on the floor for a long period causes blood to pool in your leg veins. The position of your legs when you are seated also increases the pressure in your leg veins. These things combined can cause legs and feet to swell.

    Compression Socks to the rescue!
    Compression socks are a great tool to decrease swelling, increase comfort and make sure you arrive at your destination ready to go.

    Compression socks can help prevent swelling
    As mentioned above, sitting for long periods- like during a flight can cause fluid retention in your legs below the knee. This can easily be prevented with the right compression socks.

    The best way to keep blood moving is to walk around and stretch. But there is not a lot of room to do this on a plane. Compression socks help prevent swelling by promoting improved blood flow in your legs by gently pushing blood flow up the leg. This helps keep the blood moving and the swelling down.

    Compression socks can help fight leg fatigue
    When you stand up after a long flight, your legs can be stiff and take a while to get used to moving. In addition to  promoting circulation, compression socks also help fight the feeling of fatigue in your legs.

    Keeping the blood flowing and the edema down will help keep your muscles limber and your legs ready for action. 

    Compression socks help prevent blood clots
    One of the most well-known perks of compression socks is how they can help to prevent blood clots. This is why they are commonly used after surgery!  Blood clots are a concern for many people when traveling by air. By preventing blood from pooling in the lower legs, compression socks help keep blood clots from forming. 

    Compression socks can help prevent varicose veins
    If you suffer from varicose veins, wearing compression socks can help. Wearing them on a regular basis —  especially if you travel often — will help prevent the decreased circulation that can cause varicose veins to be more painful and prominent. 

    For compression socks to do their job, there are a few things to consider.

    Buy compression socks that go over your calf.
    Compression socks that only go to the ankle aren’t going to do the job. The socks need to be over the calf to provide the circulation and comfort you need.

    Buy compression socks that fit.
    Too small and they will be uncomfortable and could cause more circulation issues than they solve. Too big and the benefits of the compression will be diminished. 

    Buy the right level of compression.
    The level of compression the socks provide is indicated by mmHg. This stands for millimeters of mercury and it is a measure of pressure. It is also used when taking blood pressure. Compression socks come in many different levels of compression but for flying, socks with 8-20 mmHg are going to be your best bet. Many socks will fall in between this range like 8-15 mmHg, 12-14 mmHg or 15-20 mmhg. Compression levels over 20 mmHg are best worn when prescribed by a doctor.

    One more- very important- thing.
    Don’t forget about style! Compression socks don’t have to be boring white or black. There are so many cute styles available. From florals to stripes and polka dots. There are even lightweight compression socks if you are traveling to someplace hot! Find some compression socks you love, and have a great trip :)

    See Ease Living's Selection of Compression Socks HERE.

    ease living owner occupational therapist

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    How to Use a Cane or Crutches at the Beach

     how to use a cane at the beach

    If you have ever tried to use a cane or crutches at the beach, you know the struggle. They sink straight into the sand making for a very unstable and difficult walk. You need the SandPad. The SandPad acts like a snowshoe for your cane or crutches by providing a wider base of stability to support your weight for easy travel across any uneven surface- even sand! 

    How does it work? The beveled triangular drainage vents circulate the sand to prevent the cane or crutches from sinking and allowing for smoother uninterrupted movement. Your crutches or cane won’t sink into the sand and will provide you the support you’ve become accustomed to from your device. This is what you need to take a soothing walk on the beach or to walk out to that lounge chair for some sun and relaxation. Buy one if you're a cane user and 2 for crutches. 

    As a bonus, the Sandpad free stands canes and crutches when not in use so you don’t have to bend over to pick them up!

    The Sandpad works perfectly on regular floors and sidewalks so you won’t have to take it on and off. It also works on other uneven surfaces like mud, grass, snow and uneven pavement. It is made in the USA of lightweight rubber and weighs only 12 ounces so you won’t get tired lifting up your cane or crutches. 

    Whether your cane or crutch use is new or something long term, this is the perfect solution for anyone that wishes to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle anywhere, anytime- WITH your cane or crutches. 

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    6 Gifts for Those Who Love to Travel

    One of the great benefits of getting older is having more time to travel. But being older can make travel a little more difficult. The right product can make all the difference. Why don't you give them the thing they didn't know they needed to make that trip a little easier? 6 of my favorites. 

    • The Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker-   Weighing in at only 11 pounds the Carbon Ultralight is made of strong carbon fiber. It folds for easy transport and comes in 3 colors and 3 widths. And you know what else? It is gorgeous.   

    • A Folding Travel Cane - A cane you can easily take with you. These folding canes can easily be put in a tote when wandering about or in a suitcase for the journey. In classic, modern and even pretty styles.


    • The World's Most Portable Walker - This walker folds 4x smaller than most walkers and weighs less than a gallon of milk. Put it in the back seat or in the overhead bin of a plane. It really is that easy. 



    • Buckingham Compact EasywipeA difficult problem with an easy solution. Getting clean after using the bathroom can be hard for a lot of reasons. The compact Easywipe can help. And it folds to half its size to fit in its discreet travel case. Don't let toileting difficulty keep you stuck in your home. 

    Give a gift that will help travel stay enjoyable and safe. And send pictures!

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    Benefits of Compression Socks for Travel


    are compression socks good for travel?

    Do you find that traveling, especially long-distance, is hard on your legs?

    One of the reasons for this is that you spend a long time sitting still on such journeys. Limited movement results in reduced blood flow, especially in your legs. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can also lead to circulation problems like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or formation of blood clots in deep veins.

    The risk of developing such complications increases on long-haul flights, as cramped spaces and raised cabin pressure further contribute to the issue. Fortunately, we have a simple solution to keep these likely problems at bay—Compression Socks!

    Compression Socks are special, snug-fitting socks that put gentle pressure on the blood vessels in your legs, allowing them to work better. They slightly squeeze the foot and calf muscles, thus improving the blood flow. This also prevents blood from pooling in one place and forming clots. When you wear compression socks for flying, they also support the legs and keep them from become tired and sore.

    Health benefits aside, the best part is that compression socks are no longer dull or ugly. Instead, there are many fashionable and colorful choices to suit every taste. The stylish options available today make it easy to incorporate compression socks into your wardrobe. They easily pass off as fashionable hosiery, allowing you to seamlessly blend them in with the rest of your outfit.

    Which compression socks are right for you? Learn about the different types in this post. 

    Whether you prefer solid colors, floral prints, funky modern designs or smart details, we have a stunning variety of options for you to choose from. Click here to check it out for yourself. 

    Make our compression socks your constant companion and look great while you indulge in the fun of traveling without having to worry about your feet again!

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    The Perfect Travel Product for Safe Mobility

    the rollz2 walker and wheelchair in one

    Want to get out and see the world?. Don't stop exploring just because you have a bit of trouble walking. In a new place, you might be unsure how much walking will be required or how many places there will be to rest. You don't have to choose between bringing a walker and a wheelchair on a trip. You can have it all with the Rollz2 or Rollz Motion Performance from Ease Living. 

    The Rollz products are both a rolling walker and a transport chair in one. When you feel like walking, your Rollz functions as a comfortable rollator with adjustable handles and easy to use hand brakes. When you need a break, simply lock the brakes and sit on comfortable seat for a rest. Need someone else to give you a ride? Turn your Rollz into a transport chair with foot rests and a comfortable seat. The conversion is so easy and literally takes less than a minute. This video shows how it is done:

    When it is time to get back in the car or on the plane, your Rollz easily folds for storage. It even stands when folded so it is easy to manage.

    The Rollz Motion Performance is a new addition to the Ease Living Fleet. Same features as the standard Rollz with the addition of pneumatic tires, a bit more padding on the arm rests and height adjustable foot rests- all features perfect for bumpier terrain. 

    All the needed accessories for your Rollz including a travel bag and cup holder are also available to make it the most useful travel product you own. 

    Bonus- you will turn heads.


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