6 Gifts for Those Who Love to Travel

6 Gifts for Those Who Love to Travel

One of the great benefits of getting older is having more time to travel. But being older can make travel a little more difficult. The right product can make all the difference. Why don't you give them the thing they didn't know they needed to make that trip a little easier? 6 of my favorites. 

  • The Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker-   Weighing in at only 11 pounds the Carbon Ultralight is made of strong carbon fiber. It folds for easy transport and comes in 3 colors and 3 widths. And you know what else? It is gorgeous.   
    carbon ultralight folding walker
  • A Folding Travel Cane - A cane you can easily take with you. These folding canes can easily be put in a tote when wandering about or in a suitcase for the journey. In classic, modern and even pretty styles.
    folding travel walking cane
  • The World's Most Portable Walker - This walker folds 4x smaller than most walkers and weighs less than a gallon of milk. Put it in the back seat or in the overhead bin of a plane. It really is that easy.  
    ez fold n go walker
  • Compression Socks- Compression socks are great for travel. They help circulation and keep your legs from getting tired. They can be cute too! Read more HERE about why compression socks are so good for travel.  And shop Ease Living for compression socks that you will love.               

cute compression socks


  • Buckingham Compact EasywipeA difficult problem with an easy solution. Getting clean after using the bathroom can be hard for a lot of reasons. The compact Easywipe can help. And it folds to half its size to fit in its discreet travel case. Don't let toileting difficulty keep you stuck in your home. 

Give a gift that will help travel stay enjoyable and safe. And send pictures!

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