Diabetes and Compression Socks

Diabetes and Compression Socks

You have reached the point in your life where you have learned that socks aren’t just socks. They can actually serve a purpose and help or hurt your health. I get a lot of questions about diabetic socks vs compression socks. Are they the same? Should diabetics wear compression socks?

Some answers.

Diabetic patients have a high risk of developing serious foot problems. Circulatory issues and neuropathy can leave diabetics more prone to foot ulcers and injuries that can quickly turn into serious complications. Good foot care is very important when you suffer from diabetes.

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What are compression socks?

Compression socks are tight-fitting socks that apply gradient pressure to the feet and legs to improve circulation.These socks prevent pooling of blood in the feet and lower legs and help to assist blood back up the veins to the heart.

They are often recommended for management and treatment of varicose veins, muscle fatigue, edema and other circulatory problems.

Compression socks are often plain colors like white, beige and black. But you don't have to settle for boring. Shop for cute and stylish compression socks. 

What are diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks are designed to minimize foot injuries and keep the blood flowing.  They can be non binding which means the cuff at the top of the sock won't dig in to your leg and disturb your circulation.  They sometimes have seamless toes and are made from moisture wicking fabrics. 

Like compression socks, many diabetic socks are available in solid colors. Our non-binding socks come in florals, stripes, argyles and even with pets or nature. Shop men's and women's patterned non-binding socks.

You can see that diabetic socks are very different from compression socks and that they offer opposite benefits.

Can diabetes patients benefit from use of compression socks?

Compression socks are effective in managing conditions like edema and venous insufficiency that affects diabetic patients. But tight compression socks can restrict blood flow in the feet which is a problem area for diabetics. But some people suffer from both poor circulation and from swelling. A recent study found that socks with light compression can improve the edema without worsening circulation in those with diabetes. If you suffer from both edema and diabetes, these lightweight compression socks might be perfect for you.

Speak to your doctor if you’re concerned about circulation and the fit of your socks. And always keep an eye on your feet if you are diabetic.

See Ease Living's curated selection of compression socks and diabetic socks for options far beyond boring black and beige. 

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