How to Use a Cane or Crutches at the Beach

How to Use a Cane or Crutches at the Beach

 If you have ever tried to use a cane or crutches at the beach, you know the struggle. They sink straight into the sand making for a very unstable and difficult walk. You need the SandPad. The SandPad acts like a snowshoe for your cane or crutches by providing a wider base of stability to support your weight for easy travel across any uneven surface- even sand! 

How does it work? The beveled triangular drainage vents circulate the sand to prevent the cane or crutches from sinking and allowing for smoother uninterrupted movement. Your crutches or cane won’t sink into the sand and will provide you the support you’ve become accustomed to from your device. This is what you need to take a soothing walk on the beach or to walk out to that lounge chair for some sun and relaxation. Buy one if you're a cane user and 2 for crutches. 

As a bonus, the Sandpad free stands canes and crutches when not in use so you don’t have to bend over to pick them up!

The Sandpad works perfectly on regular floors and sidewalks so you won’t have to take it on and off. It also works on other uneven surfaces like mud, grass, snow and uneven pavement. It is made in the USA of lightweight rubber and weighs only 12 ounces so you won’t get tired lifting up your cane or crutches. 

Whether your cane or crutch use is new or something long term, this is the perfect solution for anyone that wishes to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle anywhere, anytime- WITH your cane or crutches. 

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