What is the Best Walker to Use Outdoors?

What is the Best Walker to Use Outdoors?

There are different types of walkers for different needs. Some only use their walker indoors and some like to take it outside on sidewalks or trails. These activities might require a different walker than you’ve been using. A rollator is a walker with a seat and 4 wheels. You might see that term used here too. Most walkers suitable for outdoor use are rollators.

What is an all terrain walker and do you need one?
An all terrain rollator is a heavy duty walker with four wheels, a seat and brakes that is appropriate for use on different types of surfaces like city streets, indoors and trails. With an all terrain rollator you can go on nature walks and on walks through cities with bumpy streets. 

The biggest difference between an all terrain rollator walker and most other walkers is the type of wheel and the size of the wheel. Many conventional walkers have a 6” hard plastic wheel. This works well on a smooth surface like a hardwood floor or in a grocery store, but it is going to be very hard to use on uneven surfaces.  These rock-hard solid tires are uncomfortable when walking on cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground and can cause pain in the hands, elbows and shoulders. All terrain walkers have softer tires. Many have  pneumatic tires. These are similar to car or bike tires. They can be solid or filled with air. The solid rubber  tires can’t be punctured by a nail or glass. An all terrain rollator will have these tires on both the front and back wheels. Tires on an all terrain walker also have more tread than the tires on a conventional walker. This makes it ideal for grip and rolling on different surfaces. 

The bigger the wheel on your rollator, the easier it is to roll on uneven ground and to traverse obstacles like curbs. They are also easier and more comfortable to push.  A bigger wheel simply performs better than a small wheel, especially outdoors. There is some physics behind this way beyond the scope of this article! A walker for outdoor use should have an 8” diameter wheel at minimum. 

Why might an all terrain walker be the best choice for you?

  • Best for use on uneven terrain

One of the top benefits of an all-terrain walker is that it can be used on uneven surfaces- indoor and outdoor. From walking on bumpy carpet to gravel nature trails, an all-terrain walker can work almost  anywhere. 

  • Ideal for outdoor use

Do you enjoy going on nature walks on gravel trails? Or exploring cities with bumpy sidewalks and curbs? An all-terrain walker will take you everywhere.  These walkers can be used on various outdoor surfaces, allowing you to travel more and worry less! 

  • Perfect for your active lifestyle

You know it is important to keep moving and an all terrain walker will help. An all terrain walker will help you get the exercise that is so important for staying healthy. An outdoor rollator also provides a seat to take a break so you can walk when you want and rest when you need. And let’s talk about storage. Most all terrain rollators either come with or have available storage bags that attach to the walker so you can easily have everything you need at easy reach.  

  • Puts safety first

An all-terrain walker is safer than other types of walkers on the market,  especially when walking on uneven surfaces. When using a standard walker different surfaces, you will feel less stable and may have less confidence. This could result in less confidence which leads to less adventure. 

Most all terrain walkers also have an advanced braking system. They are drum and cable brakes like on a bicycle instead of just  putting pressure on the tire to slow the walker. They also often include a brake cable for the front and rear wheels. 

Ease Living currently has 2 all terrain walkers in the fleet. The Carbon Overland and Rollz Performance. Each has different features that might appeal to your personal needs but they both have all the all terrain features listed above. 

It is so important to find a walker that works for you rather than just picking up the first one you see at a drug store or medical supply store. Just like you think about what features you want in a car, look at what walker features will make your life better. 

 alison founder of ease living

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