The Best Narrow Walker for Small Spaces

The Best Narrow Walker for Small Spaces

Most people take home a walker from the hospital or medical supply store then don’t use it. It doesn’t fit through the doorways in their home or in to their bathroom. It is too big to use in stores and restaurants and just gets in the way. A walker doesn’t do any good sitting in the closet. What you’re after is a narrow walker that works everywhere you want to go. No need to remove door frames in your home or leave your walker at the entrance of a restaurant while holding furniture to get to your seat. I’ve searched to find the best narrow walkers that work everywhere you need them. Check out these options. 

  • The Nexus 3 Rollator Walker- The Nexus 3 is 23 inches wide so it is one of the more narrow walkers I carry. It comes in 3 sizes so it works well for those 5'-6'6". The Nexus 3 is packed with features and has that Euro look. 
  • The Scandinavian Butler. At 23.1 inches wide, the Scandinavian Butler is perfect for indoor use. With 360 degree maneuverability and one-hand only operation of the handle and brakes, this might be the perfect walker to use in your home. 
  • Escape Rollator Walker – I love the Escape! Not only does it provide all the features of a premium rollator, it can also be used when folded at a width of only 11 inches. Most walkers do not stand when folded and thus cannot be used to maneuver through small spaces. This is not true with the Escape. With a simple lift of the release handle, the 25 inch wide Escape folds to 11 inches and stands on its large 8 inch wheels. This allows the walker to be used for support in small spaces and through doorways. The Escape is also available in 3 heights making it the perfect fit for those 4’7” to 6’7” - a true custom fit!        
  • Nitro Rollator Walker - At 23 inches wide, this is one of the most narrow walkers in Ease's fleet. Also in 3 sizes for the perfect height. It comes with a convenient storage bag and a comfortable seat. The brake wires are all enclosed so they won't catch on handles and door knobs as you go about your day. And you know what else? It looks great too. In 3 colors. 
  • Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker - At 24.2 inches wide in the compact width (it is also available in regular and wide widths), the Ultralight weighs only 10.6 pounds. It has seat and a storage back with other accessories available. And it is pretty slick looking too.  
  • Nitro 3 Wheel Walker - The Nitro 3-Wheel walker is perfect if you are looking for a walker that is on the narrow side, is easy to maneuver through all kinds of places and you don't need a place to sit. At 23 inches wide, this is another narrow choice.  

  • EZ Fold N Go Walker – This walker is perfect for you if you need a little help with stability but don’t want to be tied down to something big and heavy. The Fold & Go Walker is the world’s most lightweight and portable walker. It weighs less than 8 lbs and folds down 4x smaller than a typical walker. When open, it is 24 inches wide (23 inches for the shorter model). The small base and 6” swivel casters make it easy to maneuver through tight spaces. Used by many as a secondary walker for travel, the EZ Fold N Go Walker can even be stored in the overhead bin of an airplane. It features a simple but functional design that makes it both durable (able to support up to 400 lbs) and extremely affordable.  

    Most standard interior doors are 28-32 inches wide with exterior doors being even wider. If you live an an older home, the doors may be narrower. It is always best to measure to be sure.

    When looking at a walker it is important that the walker not be more narrow than the person using it. If a walker is too narrow, it will not be stable and you will risk a fall. 

    Don’t rip apart your house or risk a fall. These narrow walkers will allow you to go through doorways and small spaces at home and on the road. Whether you’re looking for a narrow walker as a more mobile complement to a larger walker, or you need something that will work anywhere, consider the above three choices. When it comes to walkers, bigger isn’t always better! 

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