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    How to Walk With a Walker or Rollator

    how to walk with a walker
    You've decided to use a walker or rollator to keep up with your active life. Great! Now what is the best way to walk with a walker? Many people use their walker like a shopping cart. The handles are too high, they are pushing the walker too far in front of their body and they are hunched over. Walkers and rollators are meant to support your body and help with balance and need to be closer to your body to do so.
    1. Stand close to your walker.
    2. Adjust the handles to wrist height so you have a slight bend in your arms when holding the handles
    3. Walk in the walker instead of pushing it in front of you. Push it forward a slight distance then step in to the walker.
    4. Walk with your back straight.
    5. Look straight ahead and not down at the ground.
    6. Have fun! :)

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    More About Ease Living

    more about ease living

    Some people grow and have new adventures as they age and others seem to shrink and wither. Why is that? Things will change as you get older. Your attitude about the change and willingness to make accommodations as needed can make all the difference.  

    Because of health issues or the normal changes of aging, people may require mobility aids, assistive devices and home medical equipment. In my years as an occupational therapist, I’ve found that many people won’t use the equipment they need because it’s ugly or doesn’t work well. It makes people feel bad about themselves and then they don’t want to use it. Most of the available products are ugly. They look industrial and they are depressing. No one wants their home to feel like a hospital.

    That silver walker with the tennis balls from the drug store might be functional but it is a lot more fun to use a sleek red carbon fiber walker that makes people ask questions. 

    Why does it matter? When people are unhappy about the mobility aids available to them, they end up not using the equipment. This can lead to injuries from falls if the products are needed for stability. Or it causes people to stop going out and about because they are embarrassed that they need this ugly device. They will often stop doing things they enjoy and start isolating which can begin a spiral down into depression and poor health. But get a product you love and the outcome can be very different. 

    An experience with my grandmother planted the seed for my business. She was in the early stages of dementia and my mother wanted to get her a clock that displayed the time and date to help her stay oriented. My mom searched all over but everything that she found was very industrial looking and unattractive.

    She said she wished there was a website where people could find items they’d actually want to have and use, even if they had to spend a little bit more. This, and similar experiences with many of my patients as an occupational therapist,  was the start of my journey into starting a store where I sell products curated from all around the world that not only work well but also look good.

    It is so important to recognize that everyone experiences aging differently and has different needs. I want to help people that are in a phase of their life that might be challenging for them. And I want them to have fun, attractive equipment that meets their needs but still lets them enjoy life to the fullest- products that they love. 

    I love to see the light in people’s eyes when they realize that they can still have new adventures. Hopefully, I have something amazing and great looking to help you lead a safe, happy and fulfilling life.

    How to Use a Cane or Crutches at the Beach

     how to use a cane at the beach

    If you have ever tried to use a cane or crutches at the beach, you know the struggle. They sink straight into the sand making for a very unstable and difficult walk. You need the SandPad. The SandPad acts like a snowshoe for your cane or crutches by providing a wider base of stability to support your weight for easy travel across any uneven surface- even sand! 

    How does it work? The beveled triangular drainage vents circulate the sand to prevent the cane or crutches from sinking and allowing for smoother uninterrupted movement. Your crutches or cane won’t sink into the sand and will provide you the support you’ve become accustomed to from your device. This is what you need to take a soothing walk on the beach or to walk out to that lounge chair for some sun and relaxation. Buy one if you're a cane user and 2 for crutches. 

    As a bonus, the Sandpad free stands canes and crutches when not in use so you don’t have to bend over to pick them up!

    The Sandpad works perfectly on regular floors and sidewalks so you won’t have to take it on and off. It also works on other uneven surfaces like mud, grass, snow and uneven pavement. It is made in the USA of lightweight rubber and weighs only 12 ounces so you won’t get tired lifting up your cane or crutches. 

    Whether your cane or crutch use is new or something long term, this is the perfect solution for anyone that wishes to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle anywhere, anytime- WITH your cane or crutches. 

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    Giving a Cane as A Gift.

    giving a cane as a gift

    You want to take your friend or family member out for errands or some fun but walking has become more of a chore. Whether it is fatigue, pain or fear of falling, many avoid going out when walking becomes harder. 

    Want to make things easier? Think about giving the gift of a cane. 

    Don't balk at this idea! Hear me out. When someone needs a cane and they don't use one, one of two things happen. Either they risk falling or they stop going out. Both are bad for physical and mental health. Giving them a cane they love might be just the hump they needed to get over to take control of this part of their life.

    But choosing the right cane is important. Some tips. 

    Make Sure the Cane is the Right Size

    The top of the cane should line up with their wrist crease. When they hold the cane their elbow should be at about a 15-degree angle. Walking with the cane should be comfortable in that position.  An adjustable cane might be the best option as you can adjust it as soon as it is opened and they can start walking with their cane right away. 

    Pick A Cane They Will Love

    An ugly cane will get left behind. Pick a cane that fits the users style and it will be far more likely to be used. You don't buy shoes or a sweater you think are ugly- why would you buy an ugly cane?

    Make Sure They Know How to Walk with a Cane

    Knowing how to use a cane when walking is imperative. 

    1. Hold the cane in the hand on your “good side” so that when you lean on it, you are taking weight off the side that hurts the most.
    2. Move the cane and the bad leg together at the same time. So, when you take a step with your bad leg, move the cane forward in sync. Don’t stretch it out--move it the same distance as your average step. 

    When stepping onto a level surface, have your bad leg take the first step while you use the cane to steady yourself as needed. When going up stairs, remember the saying “up with the good” to put your good leg up the step first. When going down stairs, remember the saying “down with the bad” to put your bad leg down the step first. 

    Soon walking with a cane will come without thinking. 

    While it may seem like an interesting choice, a cane might just be the perfect gift. 
    Check out Ease Living's cane selection here. 


    What Does mmHg Stand For?

    What Does mmhg stand for
    Did you know socks can be good for your legs? When you have varicose veins or other circulation issues, compression socks can help improve your blood flow and prevent further damage. They can also help you stay active and relieve leg pain caused by conditions like restless leg syndrome or swollen feet.

    When it comes to compression socks, the term mmHg is used to measure how well they can increase blood flow and improve circulation.

    What is mmHg?

    mmHg stands for millimeters of mercury, and it’s a measurement of pressure. You’ve likely heard of it when it comes to blood pressure, but mmHg is also used to measure the pressure inside a fluid, like the fluid inside your blood vessels. The higher the pressure inside the fluid, the more likely your blood will flow quickly.

    What should I look for when shopping for compression socks?

    Compression socks are designed to help increase blood flow, but you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the right pair. It’s important to know what mmHg you’re wearing, as they have different uses.

    When you’re shopping for compression socks, you’ll want to look for the mmHg number. You can typically find this number on the packaging or the tag of the sock.  

    Unless prescribed by your physician, anything over 30 mmHg is a little too much and may cause issues with your circulation.

    And most importantly, pick cute compression socks you will love to wear! Your legs will Thank You.

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