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    Guests that Use a Cane or a Walker? 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home

    5 ways to prepare your home for guests that use a cane or walker

    You’ve bought the food and cleaned the house. What else can you do to make the stay easier for your guests that use a cane or a walker? 5 ideas from an occupational therapist.

    1. Deal with Area Rugs - Falls are a big concern and rugs are a big tripping hazard. Remove all throw and area rugs in areas where the person using the mobility aid will be walking. If that isn’t possible, secure all corners and edges with rug tape or anti slip mats.
    2. Remove Trip Hazards - Those cords that you are used to walking over could really cause problems for someone with limited mobility. Tuck away or tape down cords that could get in the way. Remove clutter like toys and shoes from high traffic areas. The clearer the path, the better.
    3. Make Things Brighter - You can likely easily navigate your home in the dark, but for guests, it isn’t so easy. Install higher watt light bulbs where you can and add extra lighting in shadowy areas.
    4. Make Your Bathroom Safer - Most falls that happen in the home occur in the bathroom.

    Shower/Tub: Remove any throw rugs and make sure to have an anti slip bath or shower mat for exiting the shower. A rubber mat or non stick bath treads are essential in the tub or shower. A shower chair is an inexpensive way to make it easier for someone to take a shower. They are available at medical supply stores and some mass market retailers.  

    Toilet: Do you have an older house with low toilets? These can be hard to get up from for someone with limited mobility. An elevated toilet seat or grab bars can increase safety and independence.

    5. Make It Easy to Get In the House -  A ramp will make it easier to get in and out of the house for someone that has trouble navigating stairs. Portable ramps that can easily be stored aware when not in use are available. It is also possible to rent a ramp in most areas. Search “ramp rental” to find a resource in your area.

    Have a great time hosting your guests and make it less stressful for everyone. To a Safe & Happy Gathering!






    Does Medicare Cover Walkers & Canes?

    does medicare cover walkers and canes

    You’ve been feeling a little weak or unsteady lately and have decided to do something about it before it becomes a problem. Or maybe your doctor, therapist or child took a look at you and said, “Guess what? We are getting you a walker or cane.” Before you guffaw and so “NO WAY!”, take a step back and give it some thought. If a walker or cane keeps you independent and safe, it is probably a good idea. If you’ve had surgery or an injury, you might not have a choice.

    Will your cane or walker be covered by Medicare or insurance? It depends. And it is complicated.

    What does Medicare cover and how to make the claim?

    Medicare Plan B and Medicare Advantage Plans cover renting and purchase of walking aids like canes and walkers. But there are certain conditions to satisfy to receive coverage for the device.

    First, you must produce a prescription for the walking aid from a doctor who participates in Medicare. The prescription should confirm that your mobility impairment prevents you from doing daily activities as you should. In other words, it should suggest that the equipment is medically necessary to help you move independently. It should also state that you will be able to  use the equipment safely, without any danger of accident or injury.

    Once you have this prescription, you can buy your walker or cane from a medical equipment company that participates in Medicare. Not all medical supplies stores do participate in Medicare so make sure you call first. The DME (Durable Medical Equipment) company will direct you to walkers and canes that are approved by Medicare, and you can choose from these options. You will have to provide your insurance details to the supplier and fill out some forms to complete the purchase.

    Coverage under Medicare Plan B is 80% of the Medicare-approved cost or rent of an approved device. However, the actual amount you have to pay will depend on the type of Medicare coverage you have. Under Medicare Plan B, you will have to make the 20% co-pay from your pocket. If you have a Medicare Advantage Health Plan or Medigap insurance, it might cover the co-payment amount as well.

    Many people choose to buy a cane or a walker without a prescription as they decide they don’t want the hassle or dealing with Medicare or don’t like the Medicare options that are available. There are so many choices available when looking outside of what is covered by Medicare. You can find something that fits your style and your needs, which might make it more likely to be used instead of sitting in the closet.

    Ease Living offers a curated selection of canes, walkers and accessories here. Products chosen by an occupational therapist for their utility and for their style.

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    How to Choose Between a Walker & Rollator

    walker vs rollator

    Need a little help getting around? If you are having issues with strength, balance, endurance or pain, a walker can be the perfect mobility solution. There is no need to slow down. But what type of walker is best? There are 4 main types of walkers: standard, rolling, rollator (a walker with wheels and a seat) and combination walkers. 

    • Standard Walker.  How To Choose Between A Walker & RollatorThese are popular because they are inexpensive and provide a lot of support. They must be lifted to move so they require enough upper body strength to lift the walker and enough balance to stand independently for a moment. Standard walkers can be difficult for long trips and they can slow you down.  They do fold mostly flat for transportation and storage. This is the type of walker commonly seen at drug stores and other big box retailers. 
    • Rolling Walker.  How To Choose Between A Walker & RollatorA rolling walker is a standard walker with wheels on the front 2 legs. It can allow for a faster pace because the walker does not need to be lifted with each step. They are somewhat less stable than a standard walker and are a good option for someone who wants the extra support, has the balance to move more freely and doesn't need to put a lot of weight on the walker. These also fold mostly flat for transportation and storage and can be found at drug stores and some big box retailers. Ease Living carries the Ez Fold N Go Walker - the world's most lightweight and portable walker. 
    • Rollator. How To Choose Between A Walker & Rollator Rollator is another name for a four wheel walker or a walker with a seat. Rollators allow you to move as quickly as is safe because they are not slowed by having to lift. They come equipped with a seat for rest, a basket or bag to hold personal items and hand brakes that can be locked for stability when sitting and do fold for transport.  Ease Living carries a variety of rollators including the Ez Fold N Go Rollator which is the most compact and portable rollator we have found. The Escape is a fantastic rollator that is available in 3 different adjustable sizes to accommodate those 4'7" to 6'7". 
    • 2 in 1 Rollator & Transport Chair rollzAnother popular option is the Rollator/transport chair combination. It can be used as a traditional rollator that provides support to the person pushing it, or as a transport chair which offers the user a chance to sit back and relax as someone else gives them a ride. This option is especially popular for travel because it offers the most flexibility with one device. No need to bring both a walker and a wheeelchair!

    No matter what device you choose, there are many accessories available to make it your own and make it work for you. Walker bags, cane and drink holders, travel bags - the selection is endless. 

    Shop Ease Living's entire selection of walkers, rollators and accessories here

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    The Perfect Travel Product for Safe Mobility

    the rollz2 walker and wheelchair in one

    Want to get out and see the world?. Don't stop exploring just because you have a bit of trouble walking. In a new place, you might be unsure how much walking will be required or how many places there will be to rest. You don't have to choose between bringing a walker and a wheelchair on a trip. You can have it all with the Rollz2 or Rollz Motion Performance from Ease Living. 

    The Rollz products are both a rolling walker and a transport chair in one. When you feel like walking, your Rollz functions as a comfortable rollator with adjustable handles and easy to use hand brakes. When you need a break, simply lock the brakes and sit on comfortable seat for a rest. Need someone else to give you a ride? Turn your Rollz into a transport chair with foot rests and a comfortable seat. The conversion is so easy and literally takes less than a minute. This video shows how it is done:

    When it is time to get back in the car or on the plane, your Rollz easily folds for storage. It even stands when folded so it is easy to manage.

    The Rollz Motion Performance is a new addition to the Ease Living Fleet. Same features as the standard Rollz with the addition of pneumatic tires, a bit more padding on the arm rests and height adjustable foot rests- all features perfect for bumpier terrain. 

    All the needed accessories for your Rollz including a travel bag and cup holder are also available to make it the most useful travel product you own. 

    Bonus- you will turn heads.


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    What is A Rollator Walker?

    what you need to know about rollators

    A rollator is a walker with four wheels and hand brakes- most also have a seat to take a rest. Rollators are a great choice for someone who needs a little help with stability but also likes to always have a place to rest and an easy way to carry things with them. There are a lot of rollators on the market. Which is the best for you? At Ease Living, I have searched the globe to find the best rollator walkers. This was not an easy search as I am not easily swayed by bells and whistles or cost.  Only the best for Ease's customers.

    Here are some details about my favorites:

    Rollz Motion Rollator Walker     

    The Rollz ia amazing.  I love the modern look and different colors. Functionally there are some great features. It really is a two-in-one: a wheelchair and a walker. The transformation from one to the other takes less than a minute with no tools. Truly ingenious. A lot of people buy the Rollz to travel because instead of bringing a walker and a wheelchair, only one item is needed. And, unlike most transport chairs, the Rollz features a solid seat that is much more comfortable than a sling seat. It also will stand when folded, making transferring from car to the rollator safer and much smoother.

    Carbon Ultralight     

    My best selling walker! This rollator is made of carbon fiber which is one of the world's strongest and lightest materials. This makes the carbon ultralight rollator easy to transport and provides a smooth effortless ride. And it looks great at the same time. The Carbon Ultralight comes in 3 colors and in 2 widths and is height adjustable for the most comfortable fit. 

    There are two special features about this rollator that is available in grey and red:

    1. It comes in three different heights and each is adjustable beyond that. It will accommodate nearly anyone 4’7” to 6’7”.
    2. It is stable when partially folded. This makes it perfect for getting through narrow doorways, stores or restaurants, or navigating crowds. Standard rollators and walkers usually don’t fit through bathroom doors.

    The Escape Mini     

    A slightly smaller and lighter version of the Escape discussed above. And it is ORANGE!

    The EZ Fold N Go Rollator     

    The newest addition to the Ease rollator line up id the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator. It is easy to fold with full locking brakes and a comfortable seat. This rollator weighs only 14 pounds and folds 3 times smaller than most for easy transport


    Do you have questions about rollators or need help picking the right one? If you aren't sure if a rollator or a standard walker is right for you, check out this post  to pick the best solution.


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