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    Why Shop with Ease Living?

    Why Shop With Ease Living


    If you have checked out our site or know our story, you know a little bit about why shopping with Ease Living is different than shopping at your local pharmacy or other medical supply store. We’d like to elaborate a little bit and show you why choosing Ease Living is the best choice for getting your necessary lifestyle aids.

    1. Alison! For nearly 20 years, our founder has worked with countless individuals in helping them achieve independence. As an occupational therapist, Alison has a unique set of qualifications to know which products are the most useful and in demand. She tests all her products before putting them up for sale, making sure they are the best in the world.
    2. Curation. Many drugstores or medical equipment companies have buyers that look for the the latest and greatest in the field. However, they are often looking at profit margins and trends rather than the usability and durability of the products they choose to carry. Since Alison has worked with countless patients, she has the education and the experience to choose the finest, most useful equipment available.
    3. Beauty and luxury. Many of the products we carry cannot be found in your corner drugstore. That’s because we choose the very best and most beautiful aids we can find. That doesn’t mean we select ONLY on aesthetics! The products must be high quality, and the best at performing the task at hand before they make it into our collection. However, we don’t only carry the most expensive products available, either.  Alison looks beyond price to find the very best products for the job, searching out unique solutions that tend to be more beautiful and durable than the products offered by other retailers.
    4. Service and accountability. Our small company means you won’t talk to a clueless sales associate or an anonymous call center employee. Often, if you have a question about your order, you’ll talk to Alison herself. She’ll help you find the perfect solution to your problem—with all her expertise.

    We hope you’ll choose to order your lifestyle aids from Ease Living. We’re confident we can help you find the best product for your situation. Shop today!

    Aging Myths: Don't Believe Everything You Hear

    aging myths 

    As life expectancy lengthens and more baby boomers are redefining retirement,  myths about aging abound. Ease Living believes that age is just a number and that you can be the person you want to be, no matter your age.

    The myths:

    1. Dementia is an inevitable part of aging. The reality is dementia only occurs in about 5% of the population over 65, with rates increasing with increased age. Sure, you may forget where you put your keys or miss someone’s birthday now and then, but that’s normal and is different from clinical, progressive dementia. Not only is dementia not a sure thing, you can do things to prevent it: exercise, a healthy diet, and learning new things can help keep it at bay.
    2. It’s too late to start exercising. Never! Being active and exercising regularly will benefit you at any age. You’ll want to speak with your doctor before starting anything, but there are lots of great options to keep you healthy and active. From gardening to walking, water aerobics to golf, there’s something for everyone. Being inactive is much worse, and often leads to more doctors visits and hospitalizations. Committing to exercise and activity can help in a variety of ways: keeping you social and involved, improving your sleep, preventing or delaying disease, and even by managing stress and improving your mood.
    3. Sex ends with aging. Older adults can enjoy healthy, satisfying sexual relationships. Sure, there are bodily changes and your libido may not be what it once was, but that doesn’t mean it disappears completely. Communication is key to ensure both partners are getting the physical and emotional connection they need. As always, you can talk to your doctor about any problems or potential problems you may experience from health conditions, medication, and age.
    4. Pain, arthritis, and disability are just a part of aging. See number 2! The more active you are, the less likely you are to experience any of these. However, sometimes these things emerge anyway, or you may have an injury to recover from. In any case, your doctor can help you make a plan for recovery and pain management. Then get back out there! There are lots of options for staying active, even with a recovering injury or chronic arthritis.
    5. You’ll feed depressed and grumpy.
    6. That grouchy old person stereotype just persists, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be you. Joining clubs, finding a good exercise class, learning something new, or spending time on hobbies are great ways to stay busy AND satisfied. German researchers recently interviewed a group of seniors over 100 and found that 71% of them said they were happy. How you roll with growing older is your decision—which means if you want to be a grumpy old man, go for it!

     Take the reigns!

    A Checklist When Visiting Older Parents or Friends

    7 things to look for when visiting aging parents and friends 

    Visiting family and friends over the holidays is a great time to also check on their well being without being obtrusive. Some things, like obvious confusion or falls, are obvious. There are also more subtle signs that there may be an issue. 

    A 7 item checklist:

         1. Take a look in the refrigerator and cabinets. Are they bare or well stocked? Is food outdated? These signs may indicate a decrease in appetite or trouble getting to the store. 

         2. Is the person clean and wearing clean clothes? Ignoring personal hygiene might be a sign of depression, dementia or difficulty performing household tasks.

         3. Is there an unexpected weight loss? This can also indicate depression, poor eating habits or trouble obtaining or preparing food.

         4. Has the cable or phone been cut off or do you see mail that hasn't been dealt with? Unpaid bills could indicate forgetfulness or confusion. A financial check up and assistance with finances may be in order. 

         5. Does the person seem confused or lost in a familiar situation? This may indicate the onset of confusion that can be unsafe.

         6. Are appointments and activities being kept? Missing a weekly card game or doctor's appointments may be a sign of forgetfulness, depression or trouble with transportation.

         7.  Are basic details being forgotten? Is the thread of a conversation easily lost? These may be the initial signs of dementia or indicate an infection or other medical issue. 

    It is important to remember that memory loss and occasional disorientation can be a normal part of aging. It is when the memory loss affects one’s ability to function that it is no longer normal.

    There are so many options available to assist people if they begin having problems when they are aging. Reach out to a geriatric care manager, a geriatrician or primary care doctor and to community resources when help is needed.


    Happy Holidays from Ease Living!

    The Best Gifts For Older Friends & Family

    best gifts for older friends

    It can be hard to know what to buy some of the older people in your life who have everything or don't get out as much as they used to. The right tools can make it easier and fun to be out in the world. Ease Living was featured in Forbes as a great place to buy gifts for people with disabilities. These are also great ideas for those getting a little older. Read more about it here. Below is a list of our favorite gift giving items for this season:


    • Getting out of the car can be a problem when strength, pain or balance are compromised. The Metro Car Handle Plus  provides a stable surface to push off, like an arm rest. Perfect for every day use or for that weekend hot rod!The Best Gifts For Older Friends & Family


    • The health benefits of wearing compression socks have moved outside the medical arena to sports and general comfort. Whatever purpose, our many colors and designs will have you covered in style. Some of our socks have even been featured in the New York Times Fashion Section for their comfort and style! Ease Living sells styles for men and for women. See all of the choices here

    The Best Gifts For Older Friends & Family


    Browse our full selection for more great gift ideas for those you know who are looking for a little extra style with their independence.



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    Doing Things Differently.

    when you have to do things differently

    So I took a chunk out of my finger slicing vegetables. Specifically the ring finger on my dominant right hand. Happens to tons of people every day and it will be fine. But here is the thing, it hurts and I have to wear a large bandage to keep it covered. And it is a pain. I have to do things like put in my contacts and brush my hair differently. Doing dishes requires a bit more maneuvering and putting something in my pocket is out of the question. I can still do everything I need to do and it doesn't really effect my daily life except in little annoying ways.

    It is good for something like this to happen to someone like me, an occupational therapist who sells home medical equipment. Why? I am often thrilled to present an independence solution to someone who presents with a problem. Having trouble putting on your socks? Look at this fabulous device that will help you! Can't get to the bathroom? Look at this commode! The recipient is often not as excited as I am. People want to do things the way they always have and the way they like to do it. Intellectually they might know that devices provide the most independence and safety and they do accept that - begrudgingly. Now I get it. They say it takes 3 weeks to make a new habit or change the way we do things. My minor problem will not last that long but many of my customers and patients are facing life long conditions. Consider my level of empathy increased!